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July 14, 2015

One of my blogging friends was in town this past week for a baby blessing, so she invited us to get together to do some geocaching, which is basically a giant world treasure hunt by GPS.  A was at youth conference (which I completely forgot about until Sunday when he came home from church and said, “We’re leaving tomorrow at 11:30.”  And I said, “Leaving for where??”) but the rest of us met up at Mueller Park in Bountiful.  We had a hard time getting a gps signal in the canyon so we never did find the cache we were looking for, but the kids all had a glorious time anyway hiking on the trail, and through the trees, and in the creek.  Even Little A wanted down to play in the water, and was thoroughly wet through by the time we left.     I need to remind E not to wear green when we go hiking.  I had a very hard time keeping track of him in the trees, especially when he decided to hike on ahead of us all on his own.  I just can’t seem to impress upon him the importance of sticking with the group at all times. After we got home, the boys wanted me to find out more about geocaching, so we got on the website and downloaded the app, and were amazed at the number of caches hidden all over our city.  There was even one on our church property, so we walked down the block and found our very first geocache.  I think we’ve found a new hobby.

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  1. July 17, 2015 8:19 pm

    Geocaching is an awful lot of fun! Dragon(4) was after me, this evening, to find more geocaches. I see a part outing in our future soon; for whatever reason, the park caches have been waaaay easier for us to find than the “park and grab” kind that are in more urban areas. I bet after we manage a few we’ll have an easier time of it. It was so fun meeting up with you!

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