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Mini-vacation #2

August 3, 2015


People will think all we do this summer is hike to waterfalls.  But Daddy was with us on this one and it also involved a small forest fire. . . so this one was different!

My parents invited us to their ward pool party on Friday night, so we went down on Wednesday as usual for Thursday cello lessons, then stayed over one more night.  The boys wanted to sleep outside, so we brought the tent and all the sleeping bags for an extra layer of fun.  Daddy caught a ride down late Thursday night so we could spend Friday all together.

E decided he didn’t want to sleep outside after all Wednesday night, but decided to brave it on Thursday , and only froze “a little bit.”  They were all dressed for summer, but Grandma’s house gets a really nice canyon breeze at night and the weather was a little cooler than usual in July.  I thought it felt wonderful, but they were a little chilly.  We had plenty of extra blankets though and they had fun in the tent.

Little A really wanted to sleep outside too, but I was pretty sure that was a bad idea.  She played outside in the dirt for a very long time though Thursday night and had a grand time.

13-2015-07-30 18.29.35

12-2015-07-30 18.29.09

09-2015-07-30 18.28.44

She was absolutely filthy at the end of it and had a nice bath and went to sleep almost before 8:00 for the first time in ages.  She’s teething molars at the moment and sleep has been . . . sporatic at best.  I joined A, C, Grandma, and Poppa in a rousing game of Quiddler.  Grandma won, which I hear she does frequently.

On Friday we decided to take the kids hiking since we missed out on hiking club this week due to coughs, colds, and snotty noses.  We headed up the canyon just a couple miles, came around a bend, and there were six cars or so pulled over and people were out beating a small wildfire that had started on the side of the road.  DH pulled over and jumped out, grabbed two blankets we keep in our car, and started helping wet them down and beat at the grass. The fire was almost out, then whoosh!  The wind picked up and blew it in a new direction and it suddenly went out of control.  There was nothing more to do but watch, and wait for the fire department to show up.

And take pictures, naturally.

16-2015-07-31 11.07.51

15-2015-07-31 11.10.01

It started by the bush at the very right side of this photo.  It was really quite terrifying how quickly it spread through the dry grass.

14-2015-07-31 11.08.42

Then we continued on our way to the Grotto Trail.  I’ve never seen so many people there before!  Of course we usually hike it in the fall in the middle of a school day and have the trail to ourselves.  It’s a fairly short hike, maybe 1/3 mile, but longer than probably any hike we’ve done this summer.  Little A walked it almost entirely by herself holding Daddy’s hand.  When we reached the waterfall, the boys all wanted to take a trail that would lead them above the falls, so DH went with them and I played with Little A in the water below.



C and D waving at us from up above:


On our way back down the canyon we checked on the fire which looked to be out, but was still being watched for hot spots as the firefighters dowsed all the surrounding trees and grass.  What an adventure!

After lunch A and D had piano lessons that Poppa hadn’t had time for on Thursday, then we went out for ice cream together.

17-2015-07-31 15.31.31

18-2015-07-31 15.31.05

I bought a box of pick-up sticks which the boys had never played before.  A’s competitive nature kicked in as we played a few rounds back at home.  Then we moved on to Rummi-kub before needing to leave for dinner and the pool party.

It was nice to have DH completely off.  He has worked an incredible amount of overtime in the past couple of weeks and we’ve needed some downtime.  It’s always good to spend time with Grandma and Poppa as well (more than flying in, teaching cello lessons all day, and going back home again.)

It would be lovely to go on a long vacation again; we had talked about going back east to visit the other grandparents this year, but we’ll have to settle for some short vacations until we get this house sold.

**Mini-vacation #1 photos forthcoming…

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