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Vernal: part 2

August 18, 2015

One other reason we wanted to go to Vernal was to visit my 90-year-old great-aunt again.  We haven’t seen her since before E was born, so I called her Monday morning.  She said she thought I probably had bad news when I first told her who was calling, so she was quite relieved and delighted that we were in town and wanted to stop and see her.  So after our day with the dinosaurs, we dropped by after dinner and had a nice visit.  My cousin was also there and took the boys out to see the woodworking shop and to pick apricots in the orchard.  He also gave them some rhubarb from the garden and had them all try it themselves before going to feed it to the sheep next door.  I actually have memories of eating rhubarb at Aunt Dorothy’s house as a child myself.

D in the apricot tree:

The next morning DH got up early and took A and C to the temple before breakfast.  One of my dad’s cousins is in the temple presidency and came down to the baptistry to say hello.  Aunt Dorothy must have given him a call to tell him of our plans!

We are thinking it would be a good goal to visit every temple in Utah with the boys before A goes on his mission.  That’s quite a few, although most are within two hours of home for us.  Monticello and St. George will take some planning, and we’ll have to come back out to Vernal after D turns 12.

After the temple and breakfast, we headed to the natural history museum in Vernal.  I didn’t realize that you can see more of Earth’s geologic history uncovered in eastern Utah than you can see in the Grand Canyon.  It’s just more spread out.  C is going to be studying geology this year in science so this was a fun preparatory trip.

E uncovering dinosaur bones:



Little A digging for bones:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

C and D acting out dinosaur attacks from Jurassic World:



In the lab behind the worker, was a pair of mammoth tusks.


The boys with the dinosaur:


With a change in perspective . . .

Ready to head for home:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABetween a large breakfast in the hotel and snacks in the car, no one was ready for lunch and admittedly there’s not a whole lot to pick from between Vernal and Heber anyway, so we let Little A sleep and finally stopped for “lunch” in Heber around 2:30 mainly for Little A’s sake.  It was her 18-month birthday, so we celebrated at Kneader’s.  The boys had cookies and smoothies.  DH and I shared one sandwich.  (We ate a few too many snacks in the car as well!)

Little A enjoyed her lunch of grilled cheese, grapes, and a cookie.

She is such a delight.  All of my children are.  I can’t think of a better group of people to explore this wonderful world of ours with.



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