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The saga that was September

October 5, 2015

or the post you’ve all been waiting for!

When last we spoke, A was about to start seminary and we were prepping for the start of the rest of our schoolwork.  As if that weren’t enough, on August 21 (two days after I last posted) we finally decided since we had finished all the work we were going to do on our house and with no luck attracting a buyer on our own, we would list our house with our agent.  He came over late Friday afternoon to sign a contract, didn’t even walk through our property or take pictures or anything, put it on the MLS at a higher price than we had been asking all summer and by Saturday night we had an offer in hand.

That’s the short story.  Short story #1.

Slightly longer: It had been a crazy week with very little down time and DH had some rare time off on Saturday, so we let the house go and watched a movie in the afternoon before he had to go back to work, after telling our agent that no, we didn’t really want to show the house on Sunday mainly because even though we’d be at church during a showing, Sunday mornings are crazy and I didn’t want the added stress of trying to get the house showable on our way out the door.  So we knew we had a showing for Monday scheduled.

An hour after DH left for work, our agent called and said, “I’m really sorry to bother you again, but there’s this guy out with his agent looking at houses in your neighborhood right now and wants to know if he can come over in an hour.”  Um, sure??  The house was a disaster, relatively speaking, but boy, have we gotten good at putting a house back in order!  And I really, really wanted to get it sold.  If that means pulling it together in an hour, then that’s what we’ll do. So we did our best work and barely made it out the door before he showed up.  It was right at dinner time, so I took the kids to Noodles and Co.  An hour later, we drove back, and he was still there!  So we went to the park down the road from which vantage point I could see him drive away ten minutes later.  He must have gone over every inch of our house.  It’s just not that big.  But apparently he liked it enough to put in an offer that night, with a closing date of September 11, a mere 2 ½ weeks down the road.  Our agent emailed us late, but I didn’t even see his message until after church the next day.

We ended up showing the house again twice on Monday while we negotiated price with the original offer and by Thursday morning we had a signed contract.

Short story #2: He paid cash and wanted to close in a week, so we packed up the entire house into four storage units while simultaneously house hunting and ultimately ending up homeless on Friday,  September 4.

Thursday morning we were under contract.  Thursday afternoon, our agent called me with “this is a good problem to have. . .”  Apparently every single closing he’d had all summer long had been delayed for one reason or another, so he was thrilled that for once, a buyer wanted to expedite the process.  But he was worried about us and where we would end up, and if we could even pull off moving out in the space of a week.  Less than a week actually; the buyer wanted to close the next Wednesday.  I didn’t think that was possible, but neither one of us wanted to do anything to lose the deal, so our agent said he thought we could hold off on closing until Friday, and I joked that if we had to, we had an 8-person tent, and could end up at the KOA.  The weather was nice, so why not?

DH was all for it, at which point I told him he’d better take the week off work, or there was no way I was going to be able to do it myself.  Friday and a good part of Monday we also spent house hunting from Bountiful to Riverton and points west.  We made an offer on a house in West Jordan, but lost out in a bidding war, looked seriously at a house in Herriman, but ultimately made an offer and underwent negotiations on a house out in Stansbury Park, signing a contract the same day we closed on our house downtown.

It’s been a whirlwind, I tell you.

From downtown (and four storage units) we went first to Springhill Suites for a night, then to Grandma and Poppa’s house through the Labor Day weekend.  Then since DH couldn’t drive his work car there due to the distance, and because A was still enrolled in seminary at East High, (and despite jokes about ending up at either KOA or the homeless shelter) we moved back up to Sandy into the Residence Inn for 11 days so we could try to replicate our life somewhat.  There were several big conventions in town that week and we couldn’t find a single hotel room closer to the city.

Our neighbor had actually offered to let us stay in his rental house which had just gone vacant, and while I truly appreciated his offer, it would have been weird to stay next door to our old house, plus we had just packed up all the household stuff and would have had to sleep in sleeping bags on floor and either unpacked stuff again just to be able to cook and eat, or eat out a lot.  Honestly I just couldn’t do it. That was one very stressful week trying to pack up and move out, and Residence Inn had a breakfast buffet every morning, king-size beds, and a pool, not to mention maid service.  I needed to be pampered a bit.  Plus we had 1 ½ months of mortgage payments we wouldn’t have to make and we were going to make quite a bit on the sale of our house so this was (sort of) like a vacation we felt we could afford.  And boy, those 11 days of just waking up and walking down to a hot breakfast were so wonderful!

All in all, it wasn’t quite like a vacation.  DH had to go back to work and we had to drive downtown to pick up A at seminary every other day, as well as for scouts and several other activities, but it worked.

Things worked amazingly with our loan too, and a mere 14 days after signing the contract, we had another closing and received the keys to our new home.  A home which was an incredible deal for us as it had been sitting empty since February when the previous owners had to move out of state and had been slowly dropping in price ever since.  If we had sold our other home any sooner, we probably would not have been able to pick up this place at a price we could afford, so all things have worked out well.  We’re just so grateful to be settled (if you can call being surrounded by 3287 moving boxes settled) and somehow it’s now October!

There’s more to tell, and pictures to share, but those will have to come later.

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  1. Mama Rachel permalink
    October 9, 2015 5:32 pm

    What an adventure!!! I’m so happy for you! 😀

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