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Halloween 2015

November 2, 2015

Or the holiday where I left everyone to fend for themselves.  Almost everyone, anyway.

Six weeks in this house and I still don’t feel really moved in and settled yet.  Somehow I knew I wouldn’t be up to making elaborate Halloween costumes this year, but we have all the old costume boxes out of storage, so I told the boys they were free to raid them for anything they wanted.

C and D were invited to a “tween” Halloween party on Friday night so C dug out his old Gandalf costume (now about 6 inches too short!) and D wore the Star Wars Clone Wars Captain Rex that C wore two years ago.  E has never wanted to dress up much before now, but he found one of our old knight costumes and has been wearing it for the past week, so he was easy.

And Little A?  Sigh…

She has always looked adorable in her hooded jackets, so I thought Little Red Riding Hood would be a fabulous choice.  I’d found a really pretty red dress at Kid-to-Kid a few weeks ago so I borrowed a friend’s pattern and made a cape to go with it out of some red and black brocade.  Little A wouldn’t touch it.  She is the queen of big poufy dresses, and she knows the dresses in this house are hers, but she would have nothing to do with this cape and did not want that hood on her head!  It was really quite funny.  So she wore her black jacket with the hood on, and I carried the cape.

We rarely went trick-or-treating in our old neighborhood, probably for safety reasons!  But we thought it would be good to get out and maybe meet some of our new neighbors and check out the ward a little bit, so we all went out together Saturday night.  I think A is feeling like he’s a little too old to dress up (unless maybe he had a really cool costume) but I convinced him to wear DH’s Indiana Jones hat and jacket and he helped  Little A walk around.  She would at least carry her basket and it didn’t take her long to figure out that people were putting good things in it.

We had a fair amount of daylight left when we finally made it out the door, but there are no streetlights in Stansbury due to the observatory, so when it got dark, it got really dark!  We didn’t stray too far from home though and the kids had a good time.  We gave away all the candy we had bought too, although there were fewer kids out trick-or-treating than I thought there would be.


Little A with her haul:


D, kindly modelling Little A’s cape:

I didn’t realize until today that I never got a picture of E.  He said, “That’s because I didn’t want my picture taken.”  Story of our life.  He was wearing his costume again today though, so I was surreptitiously trying to photograph him.


Some attempts were better than others.



Now he has on the cape.  At least it’s getting a little use this year.


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