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Two months plus

November 23, 2015

We’ve been in this house for two months and four days now.  I’ve had so much to say about the last two months (well the moving process as well), but I still feel like everything is such chaos!

Our old routines flew out the window and we’re still searching for new ones that work.  We’re still getting used to DH’s commute.  We’re not three blocks from work any more!  And we’re no closer to being able to park in the garage than we were two months ago.  I am amazed at how we went from 1700 square feet of living space to quite a bit more including a 3-car garage and we have filled it up and then some.  Granted we accumulated more furniture rather quickly (thanks to family!) but I’m not quite sure where all the other “stuff” came from!  At least I have room to spread it out and see what I own (and to wish I’d gotten rid of more before moving!)

And life didn’t stop just because we moved. Seminary and online classes just kept going, but even the weekends have been crazy.  We’ve hardly had a weekend with nothing happening when we could catch our breath and buckle down on unpacking.  Thank goodness for Thanksgiving week! We’re giving up on school this week (except for A who has seminary and math) and we’re going to work!  I want to feel settled.  I’m so tired of feeling unsettled.

Frankly, I’m so tired, period.  I’ve been up four nights this week with various children throwing up.  It was A’s turn last night, but thankfully he took care of himself.  Besides that, Little A has lost all ability to sleep through the night since we moved out of our old house.  If I do nothing else this week, I may just work on her sleep habits, because I am that exhausted!

This wasn’t quite the upbeat post I had planned to write tonight!  Oh well.

Everybody else is doing well with the move.  Everybody has their own bedroom and we’re finding out just who has the skills to take care of their own space and who doesn’t.  I guess it’s hard when you’ve shared a room with all of your brothers for your entire life to suddenly have your own space to manage.  Needless to say, we’re working on basic habits and routines around here.  Again.  I feel like half my life has been spent on developing good habits with the boys.  Shouldn’t we have this down by now?!

In helping D clean up the massive disaster in his room yesterday, I found (besides Little A’s brand new Sunday shoe which has been missing for over a week!) the science book I’ve been searching for for weeks.  We finally got to unpack our hundreds of books, many of which haven’t seen the light of day in over two years, but I couldn’t find the current science or writing book for C and D.  I thought I was losing my mind as I could swear I had seen them at some point, but they were nowhere inside the house, and there were no more boxes of books in the garage.  I double and triple and quadruple checked.  So they were in the house after all, in D’s closet.  Or as he said, “I thought you looking for a different science book.”  GAH!

So that mystery is solved.  Now maybe we can finally get our school schedules back on track.  I’ve felt a little half-hearted about school lately.  I know there’s often a November slump in homeschooling, but I think this year it’s more to do with moving and not being quite settled.  I spent most of the summer gritting my teeth and saying, “I can’t do this any more (meaning live here in the teeny tiny house) with five children…if we could only sell this house and move…” then what?  Everything magically gets better?  No, there’s a lot of stress on the unpacking side as well.  But we’re getting there.

DH really does like his commute; he has time to decompress from work so he’s relaxed when he gets home from work.  I don’t really mind the drive into Salt Lake City either.  There’s hardly any traffic between Stansbury and the airport and there are some really great views of the lake on the way.  Granted, the six times I had to drive in last week were a little much.  Our 6-month dentist appointments and monthly book club all happened to fall in the same week I had a concert, which I was lucky to be able to play as I burned three of my left fingertips that Monday.  Never a dull moment!

And I get this for a view every morning:

We get some seriously gorgeous sunrises and sunsets out here, and we back up to the golf course so it’s a wide open view back there.  Actually a very funny thing happened a while back–one of the houses across the way lit up a big bonfire one night after dark.  We hadn’t closed our blinds yet and when the boys looked outside, they yelled, “The beacons are lit; Gondor calls for aid!”

There’s a Lord of the Rings quote for everything.

And with that, I really need to go to bed.


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  1. Judi permalink
    November 27, 2015 8:33 pm

    Beautiful view! Everyone has their own bedroom! Wow! It must feel so spacious. We enrolled our two oldest in school this fall. I just couldn’t seem to do it all anymore. So far so good. I miss them though. I hope you got more settled this thanksgiving break. Happy thanksgiving!

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