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It’s birthday season

January 3, 2016

Tomorrow is E’s birthday, so I thought I’d better catch up on the previous two birthdays in the family.

D turned eleven the day after Thanksgiving.  Grandma and Poppa came to stay overnight with us on Thanksgiving so they’d be here to celebrate D’s big day, and to take us out to breakfast!

I asked D what he wanted to do for his birthday (since Black Friday shopping is not our thing) but he didn’t have any great plans.  I think after the past six months of cleaning, packing, painting, cleaning some more, packing some more, finally moving, then unpacking, and cleaning yet again in a new house, he really just wanted a free day to do pretty much nothing productive!  (Which come to think of it, is how I probably would have spent my birthday too had it not been on a Thursday which meant a full afternoon of teaching cello students!)

We had cake and presents before lunch so Grandma and Poppa could be on their way.  Little A was very excited to help D with his presents.  He got a nice sweater, a book, and a Darth Vader alarm clock (which he is putting to good use) from Grandma and Poppa.

We gave him the massive Lego set he has been asking for.  He then spent the rest of the day putting it together before a pizza dinner and watching the Hobbit.  It was actually a nice relaxing day for all of us!

Now he’s eleven!

And then the next week he got braces put on. Lucky him.

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  1. Tamaran permalink
    January 12, 2016 8:58 am

    I love the contrast in the back yard between D’s and E’s birthday pictures!

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