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January 4, 2016

Six days after D’s birthday, A turned 15!  He didn’t have the luxury of doing nothing for his birthday.  It was a Thursday, so I had cello students and Grandma’s house, and he had seminary that day beforehand. One of the seminary teachers had a birthday that day as well, so both of them were sung to during class.  And of course his Liahona classes were going online.  But DH was able to take the day off work and come to Grandma and Poppa’s house with us.

I made him the requested French toast for breakfast and brought it in during chemistry.  The birthday candle made him laugh so hard!  (Note to self for next time: a lit candle put into hot French toast will melt on both ends.)

I’m not sure what he did all afternoon while I was teaching, but he said he had a good day.  DH took the day off work and came down with us.  I’m pretty sure we had cake for both Grandma and him, but nobody took a picture.  Most of the pictures of presents turned out blurry, but he did get a robotics set from us, and a shirt and a painting from Italy from Grandma and Poppa.

The two birthday people:

DH had to work a graveyard shift that night, so he brought home a dozen donuts from Banbury Cross for breakfast the next day.  All the boys were so surprised and excited when they woke up!  We’ve really missed our birthday donut tradition now that we don’t live two blocks from Banbury Cross.

Best donuts ever!

And A finally got a haircut!  Of all of the boys, I think that he has changed the most since his last birthday. He’s taller than me now.  He got glasses which give him a totally new look.  Inexplicably, his teeth are perfectly straight, but he’s suffering through teenage acne, and overall just seems so much more grown up!  But he continues to be a joy and fills our home with music which is just wonderful!

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