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Now she is two!!

January 26, 2016

Yet another birthday, and also another birthday on cello lesson day.  Thus, Little A got to open presents right after breakfast while Daddy was still home.  Last year she wasn’t all that interested in opening birthday presents, but boy did she know what to do this year!  

Although the one taller than she is was a bit of a challenge.

It was definitely been the favorite: a stroller for her dolls.

We’ve been out walking all over the neighborhood this week with the dolls.

Normally, A and C go to Liahona Academy for classes (rather than just watching online) on Thursdays if A doesn’t have seminary, but they were willing to skip that so we could spend more time with Grandma and Poppa and go out for ice cream with the birthday girl.

This is the face we get lately when we say, “Smile!”

She liked her ice cream, although after every bite, she’d spit the almonds back into my hand.  I should have just ordered plain chocolate.

Of course there were more presents at Grandma’s house: a zoo toy, an apron, oven mitts, a bib, and a farm puzzle.

With her dinnertime buddy:

She still has us wrapped around her little finger.  She’ll even show you which finger if you ask.

We’ve had quite a lot of chocolate birthday cake lately, so I opted to make lemon chiffon bundt cakes for a change.  They turned out quite well, although after six mini ones, I remembered why I don’t make mini bundt cakes.  What a pain!  Only one fell completely apart on coming out of the pan, but I’d had enough and put the rest of the batter in the large bundt pan after that.  And the glaze was on the tart side because I quit following the recipe at that point, but all in all they were a success.

This should be captioned, “Oh, I was supposed to wait until you were done singing to blow this candle out?”

There’s that smile again!

She has just learned how to twirl in her big poufy dresses.  She loves to dance and sing along to the music, and especially to her “I’m Trying to be Like Jesus” board book.  She’s talking and babbling all the time and we are understanding more of it every day.  Her favorite words are baby, Daddy, Mommy, doggie, “over there”, “right there”, and “I do” if you ask any question involving, “Who wants to…?”

Happy Birthday, Little A!  We are so happy you are a part of our family!

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