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A week of soups and hoping for a calm February

February 1, 2016

We’re kind of glad to see January go.  We had a great party with family and a few friends in our new house for New Year’s Day, then everybody started getting sick.  (What is it about January?  Seriously, every year, we are sick in January!  All of us!)

E threw up the next day, and I thought it was because he’d mainly eaten chocolate the day before.  But half the family came down with probably the same stomach bug, although never at the same time.  Why do we always have to string it out?  Although four or five children sick all at once probably would have been worse, now that I really stop to think about it.

DH had a sinus infection and A had some head cold or other for about two weeks.  Then the coughing started.  E had to miss two weeks of Kindermusik class because of it.  I had a 24-hour stomach bug on the same day DH was rear-ended in his car at work.  It was a minor traffic accident, but he was pretty sore for a couple of days and couldn’t drive while taking his muscle-relaxant pills so stayed home for a day or two.

We managed to not be sick on the two birthdays this month, but January ended with A having to get his wisdom teeth out last Friday.  He’s currently starving.  He’s always starving anyway (typical teenage boy) but it’s especially hard when he can’t chew much and is trying to get his calories from a liquid diet. There’s only so much applesauce, ice cream, ice cream in hot chocolate, and smoothies you can eat in a day.  The cold and snowy weather is not especially conducive to ice cream and smoothies anyway.  He dislikes canned soup, so I’m making every soup recipe in my repertoire this week trying to get some calories in him.

He is recovering well though, so we can’t complain and he’s realized what a blessing food and being able to chew is in his life!  His jaw will not get crowded by new teeth now and he can keep his title of “Straightest Teeth in the Family.”  His brothers sure won’t win it anytime soon.  D finally got his braces on though and C is in the middle of some pretty massive orthodontic work at the moment.  And another head cold.

Speaking of cold and snowy weather, it has been mostly appreciated, but we did have a very harrowing experience last weekend.  I had played in a concert in Salt Lake City and the three older boys came with me while DH stayed home with the little ones.  It was raining before and after the concert, but right when we got on the freeway to come home, the temperature dropped and the heavy rain turned to heavy blowing snow.  Luckily it was late enough at night that there was very little traffic because I couldn’t even begin to see where the lanes were.  I don’t think the few cars around me could either.  We crept along and every time we went under an overpass where the lines were clear, we all got back in the correct lanes, but then it was guesswork again as the snow was blowing every which way.

It was one of those storms where you think, “This is the perfect day to curl up inside with a good book and some hot chocolate and just let it snow. . . and here I am 25 miles from home, without DH, creeping along in a swirl of snow on the freeway instead.”

Just past the airport a massive snowplow got on the freeway just in front of me.  And by massive I mean a plow on the front of the truck and plows on either side.  He lifted up one of the side plows to pass a couple of cars, and then was basically plowing the whole freeway at once.  And I followed right behind him.  25 mph, but at least I knew where the road was!  And an hour later we finally made it safely home.

The snow has been much appreciated though, especially after last winter when it snowed what, twice?  If people had been more healthy, we’d probably have gone out to enjoy it more.  I’ve about had my fill of shoveling however, but it is beautiful.

A and C went tubing once for scouts, and C and D and DH were amazingly all well at once and got to go on the Klondike campout together.

I now have three weeks off from orchestra that I’m trying to enjoy.  We had two concerts in January which meant Tuesday night rehearsal, Friday night dress rehearsal, and Saturday night concert all in one week.  Twice.  One was actually a Saturday afternoon concert which at least helped me feel like I had a little weekend left after it was over, but those weeks kind of went by in a blur of practicing and driving in and rehearsing together, especially considering we first saw the music at those Tuesday night rehearsals.  Luckily most of it I had played before.  Other people were not so lucky.  I could sense some anxiety around me when we opened up The Cowboys Overture.  

I need to find some kind of practice routine again though as we have Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring coming up in March, and Beethoven and Respighi after that.  My practicing has been abysmal since we first tried to sell the old house.  But here it is the first of February and I’m finally starting to feel like we have a good school routine in place (C’s on his third writing program this year but E’s school is getting done!), and a good housecleaning routine in place.  Maybe now life will calm down a little bit!

Random January pictures:

A helping Little A with the ipad at the library on the night of her birthday:

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