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Why I forgot the blog . . . in pictures

April 4, 2016

Wow!  March 2016 came and went, with nary a blog post to be had.  Come to think of it, February wasn’t exactly prolific either.  Here are some of the reasons why:

Probably #1:


Guess who got a toddler bed?  and guess who can climb out of bed 57 times a night?


She sure loves it, but I sure don’t get a lot accomplished in the evenings.  And I need to.  I feel like I’m back in school.  I’m (still) reading The Iliad with the two oldest.  If I try to read in the daytime when chaos is erupting everywhere, Homer makes no sense at all.  But if I sit down with it when the house is finally quiet, it’s amazing how much I understand!


When that’s finished, we’re moving on to The Odyssey.

And then there’s the algebra.  We finally finished!  That Dolciani algebra book gave me a workout!  I haven’t had an algebra class in twenty-six years!!  But I’m really proud of myself for tackling it with A, and finishing the book!  It took a lot longer than either of us anticipated.  So we’ve actually been doing two maths.  We started geometry together in January as he wants to be ready for algebra II in the fall.  So I’ve been working hard to keep ahead of my child in two different math books.  He’s been doing math six days a week, so I’ve been doing math six days a week.  Some of my Saturdays look like this:


In the rest of my spare time, it’s spring, so let’s sacrifice something!  Not really, but my orchestra just played Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring.  I’d kind of like to see it the original ballet sometime; the 1913 premiere caused riots.  Luckily no maidens danced to their death here. The only things sacrificed this time around were our sleep (practice comes after the toddler is finally asleep) and maybe our sanity! Here’s just a sampling of what we were dealing with:


I think many of us will want to have a few words with Stravinsky in the next life over his time signatures.  I don’t think I’ve ever counted so hard in my life with the changing time signatures–⅝ to 6/8 to 9/8, then ⅞, then 7/4, and later on it was 2/16, 3/16, 1/16, 5/16, 2/16, etc.  We’re playing Beethoven now and wow!  It stays in 2/4 time for pages!  What a novel concept.

The Stravinsky was kind of fun in a way though.  I really like rhythmic challenges and it was a real sense of accomplishment when we were finished (plus huge relief that it was over!)  We got a really great review in the Salt Lake City magazine. I like that he said, “There was nothing “community” about their performance.”  We do tackle some really ambitious repertoire that most community orchestras could never even touch, and I credit our conductor for preparing us.  No matter what the programming committee begs to play, he won’t schedule certain pieces until he thinks we are ready for them.  It’s so great to play with such a wonderful group.  It does take time at home in the practice room though, and it’s been tough to work it in lately.

Mostly because of this girl:


We sure love her, but I forgot how exhausting 2-year-olds can be!  This has been the most challenging year yet with moving, having a toddler, and keeping up with four different levels of schoolwork and activities with the boys.  It’s a wonder I have any extra time!

I’ve been taking tons of pictures though, and have lots of catch up to do on the blog, so stay tuned!

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