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Arrow of Light

April 18, 2016

D finally got his Webelos badge and Arrow of Light!

What a process!

He turned ten a year and a half ago in November.  For most of last year he was the only Webelos scout in our entire stake.  (They met as a stake for cub scouts and boy scouts because there were so few boys downtown.)  Knowing there was a change in requirements for all cub scout badges coming last June, the leaders didn’t do much in the first half of the year towards earning the Webelos badge, and that was when they even had Webelos leaders.  Most of the time, D would dress in his scout uniform, show up to scouts, and be put in with the Bears doing the same activities he’d done the year before.  He got some great experience being a leader, but not much else.

If we hadn’t been trying to clean up the house and get it sold, I would have (and really should have) done much more with him at home, but it was beyond me last year.  So then we finally moved to a new ward and stake, and there are 11 boys D’s age!!!  Needless to say, it’s a whole different world out here.  They do scouts on a ward level (for obvious reasons) and there are some really strong scout leaders.  The boys are loving it!

But I was quite alarmed when I looked at everything D still needed to do to finish up his Webelos badge when it was already September and his birthday was fast approaching.  His leaders were great though, and thankfully one of them told me that the boys have until six months after their 11th birthday to finish the Webelos badge.  She also told me that he could have done half of the old requirements and half of the new, since there was a change in the middle of the year.  That would have been helpful to know a few months back!

I knew we could finish up the Webelos badge, but they make a really big deal out of the Arrow of Light ceremony, and he really wanted to earn that as well.  About six of his friends received their Arrow of Light shortly after we moved in and he really wanted to have that same experience.  They had a lady come with her hawk and falcon to do the Arrow of Light ceremony.

I thought we would for sure have plenty of time to finish all of the requirements, but in our typical fashion, we were frantically finishing up requirements the week before pack meeting was scheduled.  But it all turned out well and he has moved on to Boy Scouts!

Pinning the Webelos pin on Dad:



He got a real arrow that she had made.  It looks a lot cooler than the standard yellow plastic arrows his two brothers have!  Plus someone in the ward makes these really great wall hangings for each of the boys to display their arrows on. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA






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