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Easter 2016

April 18, 2016

We didn’t do much for Easter this year.  DH had to work that Sunday.  (Recurring theme around here.) The boys, or maybe just C, really wanted to color some eggs, so we broke out the dye the night before.  Little A was quite enthralled with the whole process.




I was surprised that E let me take his picture.  That was my one and only chance though, because he wanted nothing to do with photos the next day.  (Some day we’ll look back and say wait, didn’t we have five children that year?)6-26097322105_1ee82088b7_o

I never did find an Easter dress I liked for Little A, but she had a dress she got for her birthday that she hadn’t worn yet, so it can count as a new Easter dress.  5-26004792442_f6dd2ffcd9_o
Here she is showing off the big poufy skirt, and A is modelling his new suit.  He went to Prom at Liahona Academy.  All the distance ed. students ages 14 and up were invited.  But those not yet 16 couldn’t bring dates!  I was really surprised that he wanted to go, but he said he had a really good time.  He got to see a lot of people he knew from youth conference in the fall.

He’s needed a new suit for a while now, so we hit the Easter sales at JCPenney’s and got a pretty good deal.  He’s outgrown the young men’s department so we had to move into the men’s.  They have a “Super Slim” fit that was just perfect for him!

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