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Mother’s Day

June 5, 2016

(which I realize was a month ago)

D and E filled out questionnaires about their mothers in Primary.  Apparently E needs a refresher on just how old I am.


We also like to go shopping. (I hate shopping, but I’m pretty sure he means grocery shopping because then we get ice cream cones at Macey’s.)  I like to eat and drink “a lot of stuff.”  And one of my favorite sayings is, “Go to bed!”  Which is true.  Especially for him when he’s gotten out of bed sixteen times already.


D got my age right and if he could anywhere in the world with me, we’d go to Payson??  We go there every week anyway, so later on I see he pencilled in “Scotland.”  And if I had time, I would do family history.

I do family history whether I have time or not.  I make time!

DH ended up having to go into work that afternoon, but at least made it through sacrament meeting with me so I wouldn’t have to wrestle the two little children myself like most Sundays when he is working, and luckily enough dinner was already in the crockpot so I didn’t have to cook.  Then A made me a double-layer chocolate cake.


Monday night Bill took me to see The Marriage of Figaro at Utah Opera.

All in all, it was a very nice Mother’s “Day.”

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