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First Day, no . . . Week of School

September 6, 2016

Poppa pointed out that my school plans post had no mention of a certain little 2-year-old . . . tornado.  If this week’s been any indication, here’s what she’ll be doing this year:

  • Coloring on the bookcases (good thing I bought her the washable crayons) (inadvertently, but now I’m very grateful)
  • Hiding her crayons between the books on the bookcases (I wondered why her crayon box was empty)
  • Locking bathroom doors and then closing them with no one inside
  • Stripping down to her diaper about 15 times a day, or ditching the clothes and going back into pajamas
  • Putting blush all over her lips, cheeks, and my flip-flops
  • Finding my hidden stash of Dove’s dark chocolates and eating as many as she can stuff in her mouth at one time
  • Dumping out my jewelry boxes (and hiding my wooden cello one; I still can’t find it!)
  • Hiding my camera so well that I couldn’t find it to download our first day of school pictures

And so much more!  I feel like I’m forgetting the funniest things she’s done this week.  She’s busy!

So now that I have my camera back–

It’s getting harder and harder to get five children lined up for a photo.


There’s always that one kid.


Almost every first day of school picture has them in striped shirts, so we decided that’s our thing and we’re going to stick with it.  I even found Little A a new striped dress to wear.  She’s learning from her older brother how not to smile for the camera.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut ahead of hiding the camera, I found that someone had taken a few shots of her.

Busily working:

And finally smiling (probably because she escaped the clothes and got her pjs back on.)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA E didn’t want an individual photo taken for the first day of first grade, but I got some good shots of the other three.




I usually write up a minute-by-minute account of our first day of school, but that day got derailed almost from the very beginning, so that plan went by the wayside.  Tuesday went a little smoother, although that’s when we found out that not much is brand new this year.  Either they picked up their books where we left off in June, or it’s a continuation of the same program from last year.  Effective, but not particularly exciting.

A and C are really excited to have their Liahona history and science classes, while D and E are excited to get back into ancient history this year.  On Friday, we finally managed to buy some sand so we could do an archaeological dig in the backyard.  C couldn’t help getting involved.  They dug up some play food, cars, Star Wars playset figures, a crayon, and a few other toys.



We even tried to be somewhat scientific and write down who found what in which quadrant.


We should have gotten a sandbox last spring.  E has wanted to play outside more this week than he has almost all summer long.  We have a fabulous backyard for the first time in year, but he honestly doesn’t know what to do outside to entertain himself.  I have definitely raised some indoor people and that needs to change!

After much coaxing, we finally convinced E to lie down on some butcher paper so we could draw an outline of his body for our human anatomy study.  Everything has to be such a struggle with this kid!  But now he’s excited.  And looking at how skinny he is, I may have to reduce all the copies of my body parts to 80% so they’ll fit inside his outline!  I remember doing that for A too the first time around.  We don’t grow them large at this house.  Tall, yes.  Large, no.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Really, there isn’t a whole lot more to tell about our first week of school.  We’re still figuring out how to fit it all in, and remembering just how we make this homeschool thing work.

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