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Meet Nova

September 14, 2016

Because we don’t have enough going on, we got a dog.

On Prozac.

So much story to tell. . .


This is Nova.  Nova is the product of two police canine dogs who were inadvertently left unsupervised one afternoon!  She is part Belgian malinois and part Dutch shepherd, and very smart and very energetic.  Now we’re trying to remember what owning a dog entails.

It’s been eight years since Sneaker died.  We kept saying we’d get a dog after we moved, and here it’s been a year!  Our old house was just too small for the seven of us, let alone another dog.  (I might mention that we are not “small dog” people.  We like big dogs.)  I’ve been putting off the dog decision, but about a month ago Little A started talking about wanting a “goggie” and getting a dog, and would not let it go.  She was convinced we were going to get a dog.  And so we did, or rather, the dog found us.

Unfortunately Nova’s previous owners J and C had to give her up.  Nova wanted to be their alpha dog, but they also had a German shepherd which was 40 pounds bigger than she was and they just kept tussling and Nova always ended up getting hurt.  She’s currently on antibiotics for a tear near her eye and several other sores.  It was so bad that they had to be kenneled at separate times all day long, one dog in, one dog out and it was getting too hard to do.  J and C’s 6-year-old was distraught over giving the dog away, but especially after the last fight between the two dogs had fur flying, she understood why Nova had to go.

But she made her parents promise that Nova would go to nice people who would love her and wouldn’t give her away and would let the 6-year-old come and visit from time to time.  She insisted on meeting us and apparently we passed her test.

We promised to give this dog all the love she needs, and she needs lots of love.  Previous to J and C owning her, she was kept outside in a cement/chain link fence enclosure, without enough water, and apparently the neighbour boys would shoot BB’s at her for barking.  J and C said the vet found about 50 or 60 in her neck and back right after they got her in February.  Then with anxiety from trying to assert herself over the German shepherd, the vet said she probably has something like PTSD.  So they brought her Prozac pills to us!  Although right now, she can’t take them because of her medication.  We are all hoping that maybe she won’t need them in a few weeks when her antibiotic is finished and she is calming down and getting used to a new living situation with a big yard to run in and hopefully less stress.


Already she is adored.  Little A just can’t get enough of her.  Nova came to us Sunday night and was so incredibly jumpy and anxious and running her and there checking everything out.  I wondered if we were up for this.  She had a really hard time settling down, so we were back up at midnight letting her run laps around the backyard.  Then at 3 a.m. we woke up to Little A following her around the kitchen and up and down the hall whispering, “Here goggie, come goggie.”  It took a lot of convincing to get Little A back to bed!  And we’re still not sure which one woke up the other.

Monday morning DH took Nova for a run, then C took her out again for his daily rollerblading.  She was still full of energy.  Then E and Little A spent the entire morning just about playing with her, chasing her around the yard, and going in and out of the house.  Finally around lunchtime, she was sitting in the shade while they played in the sandbox.  And after lunch:

We finally wore her out.

We wore out the toddler too.

Or maybe her nocturnal wanderings finally caught up with her!

Today Nova has been sweet and calm, although she barks at the doorbell, and we found out she doesn’t like thunder.  She’s now curled up on the floor by my side of the bed.  I think we’re going to enjoy our new furry family member.

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