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Christmas 2016

December 27, 2016

2016-christmas_31765831861_oFirst thoughts on Christmas morning: “I don’t think we’ll be seeing any golfers out there today.”

It’s finally looking like winter. We awoke to the fruits of the first good snowstorm this year.   Our neighbor measured almost eight inches of snow.  I was excited, but then I didn’t have to go out and shovel the driveway.  A is unable to shovel this winter as well, so the burden will fall on C and D this year.

I was surprised children weren’t clamoring at our door super early this year.  C came in to take the dog out for a walk around 7 a.m.  I guess D had been up for hours already at that point, but decided not to bother us.  We knew we’d have to wake up A, but E and Little A were still sleeping until about 7:20.  Little A ended up in my bed at some point during the night (a habit that needs to end) and when her brothers came to wake her up, she yelled at them.

“A, it’s Christmas!”

“Go away!”

“You can get up and open your presents.”

Go away!”

I gave her a few minutes and then gently reminded her about her stocking and presents to open, and suddenly she remembered, gave me a huge smile, and jumped down out of bed.   She was excited about everything.  “I got a candy cane!”


“And crayons and fruit snacks!”  (That sounded more like “huit hacks.”)


And that’s about all the pictures I took with my cell phone.  When recharging your camera batteries, it helps if you don’t put your battery in upside down.  I got a few nice pictures on Christmas Eve though.

A and C have been sightreading piano duets all week.  It makes me happy to hear so much music and see them enjoying themselves together.


DH made bratwurst for dinner.  Who needs a bun anyway?


I was just thankful he was home to cook.  I was still feeling morning sick most of the week and struggled through the first half of the week while he was still working. 2016-christmas_31509737180_o

The tree was not my favorite this year.  It’s a lot taller and skinnier than I usually like, but when we went to pick out a tree, I wasn’t feeling well and just wanted to get it over and done with rather than go look anywhere else for the perfect tree.  I miss the tree lot in Salt Lake that was always like walking through a forest.  But we got it decorated and made it through without the 2-year-old or the dog knocking it over which I think is pretty amazing.


We put presents out earlier than usual this year.  Every day E would count the number of presents with his name on them, which was actually helpful.  One day while I was out running errands and doing some grocery shopping, Little A managed to unwrap two of his presents, despite my new Gandalf ornament:


She can’t read yet, after all.  I’m just grateful that A managed to hide them in my bedroom before E could see what they were.

We usually have crepes for breakfast on Christmas day, but with 11 a.m. church (which we were especially grateful wasn’t 9:00) we just bought a big package of little cereal boxes for breakfast and then had crepes for lunch after church.  We had a musical program for sacrament meeting only.  It was really nice, except DH had to go to work at noon, so we were on our own again.

Grandma and Poppa came for dinner after their church and driving through snow and ice and closed roads due to accidents.  They brought still more presents, including a Christmas train set to go around the tree!  It was a big hit.


We played all the new board games after dinner and at some point noticed that Little A had crawled under the table and fallen asleep.


She wasn’t happy about being moved to her bed, but I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it would have been to spend the night down there.


And miracle of miracles, E agreed to be in a picture for Christmas Day, and even smiled!2016-christmas_31041890474_o

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