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Wednesday night thoughts

December 28, 2016

As I was going through a year’s worth of pictures to make the calendars for the grandparents, I realized there are so many events I missed posting about this year!  Not to mention just the little everyday things as well.  I seem to have lost the writing bug, although I’m always composing posts in my head that never see the light of day.

I was planning to get caught up on some of them over the Christmas break, but it’s already Wednesday night and I’ve done very little this week except for visiting Grandma J on Monday afternoon and spending yesterday and today having a Lord of the Rings movie marathon with DH and the older boys.  And laundry.  Every time we changed a disk, I switched loads from washer to dryer, and dryer to couch.  I’m down to two loads to finish up tomorrow.  It’s a fairly efficient system, except we all need to have a tv detox day and not watch anything for a while very long time.

I think tomorrow is going to be my organization day.  I’m in sore need of one.  If your kids are like mine and have the Chatbooks Christmas commercial memorized then you’ll know that my bedroom is my holiday room and it’s a “hot mess of shame.”  It’s (still) covered in Christmas wrapping paper, tape, scissors, tags, birthday wrapping paper, birthday presents for the next two children (why did I have babies this time of year anyway?), clothes that don’t fit, clothes that sort of fit, clothes that will fit eventually, all the piles I never sorted for A’s birthday party but just kind of moved from the kitchen counters to my bedroom floor, and all my usual piles of reading books, cello music, and school books/papers that need to be sorted out by next week.  The past two months of morning sickness on top of the regular life stress have not been kind to me and my bedroom shows it.

At least DH and the boys finally recycled all the shipping boxes and paraphernalia that were getting to be an unstable teetering mass of cardboard inside my bedroom.  Why is my room the dumping ground?  When I find out, I’ll let you know.

2017 will be the year I get organized, right? Right?  I’d really like my bedroom to be my oasis of calm.


I did get a beautiful new journal to use as a new bullet journal for 2017.  Partly because I completely lost my old one (that’s how my life has gone lately) and partly because it’s a new year and I needed (ok, wanted) something pretty and fresh and new.  I thought I needed new pens too, but I went on a pen search and raided my music/computer bag and came up with eight so I think I’m good for a while.  I’m a pen snob (Black Pilot G2 with the .38 mm ultra fine point) and buy them in boxes of a dozen so I don’t run out.  I think everyone else likes them a little bit too well too.  If I raided their school boxes I might find another three or four.

If I can get a bit more organized on paper, maybe I’ll start getting caught up on other things like blogging again.  It’s been two months to the day since we came home from Hawaii and nary a picture has shown up here, but I really enjoyed looking through them and making a collage for my parents for Christmas.  I do intend to blog about that. A had surgery, and both A and D had recent birthdays which I’d also like to get written about in some form or fashion.  Wish me luck.

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