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Birthday season begins

December 29, 2016

Or rather, birthday season began, as these two were almost a month ago.  Either a) we’re really boring, or b) we’ve just been through a lot the last little while because nobody had any great and exciting plans for their birthdays.  I’m guessing it’s option b, what with sickness, surgery, and Mom suffering with morning sickness all of November.

D turned twelve and when I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday, he said, “It’s on Sunday, Mom.”  Like we can’t celebrate another day of the week!  He finally did come up with going to SmashBurger for dinner with the family, which was nice because DH had to work on D’s actual birthday.  We had to facetime with him for presents and blowing out candles on cake.  31630917292_b8c0ffee0c_o

We gave him tiger pjs, a lego set, and a book about the priesthood.  He opened gifts from Grandma and Poppa while they stayed here for Thanksgiving, but (let’s blame pregnancy brain) I can’t even remember what all of them were.  I just know this child is due for a growth spurt.  The rest of his body needs to catch up with his arms.  We’re buying size 14 and the shirt sleeves are already too short, yet, depending on the brand, the pant legs might be six inches too long. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




Six days later, A turned 16.  That’s a big birthday, but he can’t drive yet although he does have his learner’s permit.  He can date now too, but doesn’t seem to have much interest, which is just fine with me!  He did express an interest in having a birthday party though.  We haven’t done a party with friends in years, mostly for lack of friends, plus winter birthday parties were such a pain to host inside our little downtown house.

At first he had about twenty friends on a list, only four of which were girls.  I told him he might want to even out the boy/girl ratio a bit, or else just invite the boys.  He decided that might be better.

I’m actually thrilled that he has a really good group of friends right now.  C has always lucked out in the friend department with other boys his age at church and scouts, but A has never had more than a couple boys his age in our old ward and scout troop, and he wasn’t particularly close friends with any of them.  Since we moved, he’s enjoyed having friends at church, but we still haven’t connected with too many other homeschoolers his age.

But this year he wanted to take choir at the high school, so we signed him up for that and seminary.  I put them together on his schedule, but then the schedule changed and he ended up having lunch period between the two.  I think he felt a little lost at lunch the first couple of weeks, but then he found a really great group of guys to hang out and eat lunch with, some of whom are in Men’s Chorus with him plus a few of their other friends, and he’s really been enjoying going every other day.

So he ended up with eight people total at his party, which was the perfect amount to sit around our kitchen table and play board games and eat food all afternoon.  It was a good mix of friends from school, our ward, and trek last summer.  It sounded like they all had a really great time and told him to be sure and do it again next year.  I told him later that you don’t have to wait for a birthday to have a party, but we’ll see how ambitious he gets.  We’re not exactly party people around here.

Grandma and Poppa came towards the end of the party and we all sang “Happy Birthday.”  After his friends left, he opened all the presents from the rest of us.  He got some nice pants and a pullover, the Catan game, another brain twister game, a book, a new tie, a daily calendar (again I can’t remember the theme exactly), and a sweater which finally arrived two weeks late.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After dinner, we sang again with a different cake, as it was also Grandma’s birthday and I was trying out a gluten-free chocolate cake for her.  I originally bought the ‘7’ candle for E’s birthday next month, but it worked for this day as well because A is 16, and Grandma is 67.  (No one is 167.)

Earlier that morning D and A were both interviewed and the next day, on Sunday, A was ordained to the office of priest, and D received the Aaronic Priesthood and was ordained to the office of deacon by DH.  It was a good Sabbath.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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