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More Christmas

December 29, 2016


Our final gift arrived today: John Williams Greatest Hits for piano.  It was expected by January 6, so I was going to call it a “Happy Orthodox Christmas” present.  It was definitely a piano Christmas around here this year.  In addition to John Williams, I got the newest Piano Guys book for the boys, and Grandma and Poppa gave them all piano books (and organ for A).  We’ve been playing “Name that Tune” all week as they sightread through them.  We have the most success if A is at the keyboard, but C has definitely improved in his sightreading abilities over the past year.

This is probably the funniest thing to come out of Christmas.  Little A has seen the show Paw Patrol maybe a couple of times only, but E has had Paw Patrol toothpaste for a while now. (Which tastes exactly like Thomas the Tank Engine toothpaste and Sesame Street toothpaste if you’re wondering.)  When Little A opened this book, she got really excited and said, “A toofpaste book!!”

We got a really good laugh out of it.


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