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E turns seven!

January 5, 2017

What does it say about us that all the 7-year-old wanted for his birthday was to sit and play Minecraft???

He’s definitely my kid.  Sometimes I too just want to sit by myself for a day and do my thing uninterrupted, without having to be social.  He asked for omelettes for breakfast and was very specific that he wanted to have cake after breakfast and open presents then.  Originally he had to go to Kindermusik right at dinnertime, which probably lead to the breakfast/cake idea, but class got cancelled last minute so that was fortuitous.  I then had no dinner plans though, so we ordered pizza.  Grandma and Poppa called this afternoon and E told them he definitely feels different now that he’s seven.

He requested a lemon bundt cake this year.  Knowing that he wanted to have it right after breakfast, I had planned to make it last night.  DH had to work until midnight and I had a Relief Society activity to go to.  When I got home, A was catching up on science classes online and nobody else was remotely ready for bed.  We were out of milk and down to eleven eggs, and I knew the cake needed seven, plus we were planning on omelettes so I’d need to go shopping.  I also knew Little A really needed to go to bed before I could go to the store.

Finally at 10:30 I made it out the door!  E stayed up to wait for me because he really really wanted to help bake his cake.  It took more time than I thought it would to juice lemons and whip the egg whites, but I think that cake finally went in the oven about quarter to midnight! He was asleep about five minutes later!  He is actually helpful in the kitchen though so I was glad of his help.  (Little A is a completely different story!)

It was supposed to cool in the pan completely for one hour, but I was not about to stay up any longer waiting to take it out, so it stayed in the pan all night and didn’t quite come out smoothly this morning.  The frosting was very thick which didn’t help matters, but it’s the taste that counts, not the crumbs in the frosting, right?



He picked out this new backpack, but didn’t know it was coming today!



He also got a new shirt and some legos.  The fun will continue at Grandma’s house tomorrow with more presents and macaroni and cheese and ham for dinner.

Trying out his new scooter:  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne day he’ll be able to ride it outside, but it’s snowing again tonight.  Oh well, we can’t all have summer birthdays.



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