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It’s another…

January 15, 2017

We had our ultrasound Friday.  A didn’t have school, so everybody went with us.  The ultrasound tech was so thrilled that everybody could be there to witness this.  It must have been a good idea to go first thing in the morning because she put the wand on my stomach and this popped right up:

A perfect profile view.  He was so cooperative.  Yes, he.  Because we are having another boy, naturally!  The odds weren’t in our favor for anything else!

I will say that DH had a blessing some years ago, even before we met and got married, in which he was promised that he would be the father of sons . . . oh, and a daughter.  She was kind of an afterthought.  I really wasn’t happy when he told me that, because of course, I had always wanted daughters.  But we had a boy, then another boy, and yet another boy.  It became our joke to ask when would this prophesied daughter come???

I knew E was going to be our fourth boy.  I just knew it.  I also knew he wouldn’t be our last, even after it took many years of waiting and praying for him to come, and I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be able to be pregnant again.  Then I had a blessing while I was pregnant with him in which I was promised that there were children (yes, plural) that were still waiting to come to our family.  When we found ourselves pregnant again, I was fairly certain that Little A would be our long awaited daughter, even before we knew for sure.

I actually was really hoping she would be twins so we could get those children and be done with it in one more pregnancy.  I was 39 after all.  (But I’m really glad she wasn’t twins, as I can’t imagine having two newborns at once, or two toddlers, or two almost-3-year-olds.  She’s been a handful lately!  I can barely keep track of one of her!)

Despite our joking before, I always knew that we would have that daughter.  I trusted in God, and in that promised blessing given to DH and just knew that if I got pregnant, we would have our girl eventually.

My thinking has been different in the last little while though.  DH and I had talked about, maybe, is there one more baby for us? But mostly, in the last year, I was avoiding having that conversation. I trusted Heavenly Father to fulfill his promise of more children for our family, but I was having a harder time trusting in myself that I could do my part in bringing about the fulfillment of that promise.  I wasn’t sure I even wanted to.  Little A’s pregnancy was quite difficult for me.  I was just so sick for so long, and in quite a lot of discomfort, bordering on pain, the last few months carrying her.  Her delivery was no cakewalk either.  But I thought about those promised children waiting for us and couldn’t just close that door to them.

Then I turned 40, then 41.  Now I’m 42, and here we are, and yes, it was actually a surprise this time.  And yes, it’s been a lot harder to be pregnant at 42 than it was at 26.  I had three boys in four years; I never thought it would take another twelve years to bring three more babies into this world.  I think my journey through motherhood has taught me, more than any other experience, to rely on the Lord.  I’m not in charge of my life; He is.  He has a plan, and it will be more perfect than anything I could have come up with on my own.

Speaking of perfect, look at this perfect little leg and foot:

I always love to see these little babies on ultrasound.  I’ve been feeling him move for several weeks now, but it’s amazing to me that something so small (6 inches long and just over 1.5 lbs now) can be so perfectly formed and moving around and beautiful.  It really is beautiful.

These 4D pictures though, they’re actually kind of creepy.   

The boys thought it was cute that he waved to us.  Little A was a little sad at first, though.  We had talked up maybe having a baby sister for her.  But when the ultrasound tech handed her the printed pictures, Little A said, “It’s my baby brother!”

Still, she has no idea what’s coming.

So we’ll have one daughter and five sons. Naturally, the choice for lunch was:

Five Guys!

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