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I’m glad I’m not an elephant…

February 1, 2017

Or I’d have 17 months to go.  Some days this pregnancy feels that slow moving, but look at me: I’m on the downhill slide!  For a while there, I thought I’d never make it to the halfway point, which true to form, was finally when I started feeling more like myself again instead of death warmed over.

I still have a tenuous relationship with food though, but I’m feeling a little more adventurous.  I even had applesauce tonight!  Fruits and veggies, at least raw ones, are on my no-no list, as they were in my last two pregnancies.  And can I just say that is the most depressing thing ever!!  I’m dying for a nice juicy piece of . . . something, but I’m still afraid of what it will make me feel like.  I hate eating the wrong thing for lunch, and well, there goes Tuesday, because I will spend the rest of the day sitting on the couch or my bed feeling like crud and not wanting to do anything.

I’m more adventurous at dinner because I can usually sleep through anything so if I feel sick, I can just go to bed.  I know if I eat fruit first and follow it up with lots of protein and potatoes (I can’t get enough potatoes!) I’ll usually come out okay.  It’s kind of awful that this is a time in life when I can really eat as much of anything as I want, but it has to go down and stay down, and nothing really tastes that good to me.  I just want to eat!

At least it is staying down and I haven’t lost weight.  I remember at 20 weeks with my first pregnancy, I had only gained a pound.  Actually that was a net gain. I had gained eight pounds, after first losing seven from throwing up so much.  With C, I couldn’t seem to gain enough weight no matter what.  I had only gained one pound by 20 weeks with no weight loss attached.  My doctor told me I could eat anything, anything at all.  So a friend brought me all of her leftover Halloween candy to help out.  I don’t know that it did.

Then with D, I had gained 12 pounds by the midpoint.  Of course then he came 7 weeks early, but even at 4lbs. 4 oz., he was larger than we were expecting.  Thankfully, the last two pregnancies and this one are more normal.  I gain about 3 pounds every 4 weeks, which for me is just perfect.

That was a lot of typing about food. . . what can I say, the major thought in my brain every morning is: What can I find to eat today???

Everything else is progressing fine, really normal and boring, just like we want it, due to my “advanced maternal age.”  One or the other of us makes an “old” joke almost every doctor’s appointment. I do have to get my blood sucked out every month because a weird antibody showed up in my initial blood screen.  It’s a rare one that could cross over into baby’s bloodstream and cause problems if baby had the associated antigen, but then last month the screen came back negative, so I only have to test once more for that, and hopefully it will remain negative.  I have no idea why I even had that antibody, but it was measuring at the lowest possible level anyway, so it wasn’t really a worry.

I have 19 weeks give or take; I’ve only hit my due date once and while we’re hoping to not have a repeat 33-weeker, this kid could very well come early.  I’m feeling so much better than I have since October.  As my doctor says, it’s the second trimester so this is really as good as it gets, so I’m trying to appreciate it before the soreness and fatigue start setting in in about six more weeks.  I’ve been feeling baby move for about 4 weeks already and I’m already having Braxton-Hicks contractions.  Those are fun!  But normal for me.  Morning sickness quits, contractions start.

I’ll admit having morning sickness while homeschooling has been a real challenge that I haven’t dealt with before except for a few weeks in May (with both E and Little A) as we were winding down the school year when it didn’t really matter.  School has been kind of hit or miss the past three months with morning sickness plus surgery and recovery for A, then the holidays, but we have a decent routine going at the moment and are hanging on awaiting the return of warmer weather, or at least days when we can go outside without the air hurting our faces!

And hopefully the next four months will go by faster than the previous three, and soon we’ll have a new baby!

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  1. Grandma permalink
    February 3, 2017 5:12 pm

    I’m glad you’re not an elephant too. It’s good to read the update. We sure love you and are glad for your love and your willingness to give us another grandson.

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