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10 years ago…

February 28, 2017

I began blogging!

I missed the actual date (I knew there was a reason I was supposed to open up wordpress yesterday!) but that seems to be typical of my life.

It’s just hard to take the time to put my thoughts into words lately.  I’ve noticed a lot of other blogs I used to read have either stopped altogether, or posts are few and far between, so I don’t think it’s just my problem.  It’s sometimes so much quicker and easier to post a few short words on facebook, or a photo on instagram (although I hardly do either of those very often) plus my children are getting older.  We don’t seem to do a lot of cutesy projects that I feel compelled to photograph and blog about anymore, and I don’t want to overshare my teenagers’ lives.  There’s an element of privacy that I’d like to maintain as they get older and have their own stories to tell.

Plus as they get older, they get busier! and I struggle just to keep up with all their comings and goings.  There’s not a lot of free time in my life right now!

But here’s one of the very first pictures I shared on the blog.  It could almost be a picture of E and Little A.  They are so little!


And today, I kid you not, I was online researching pre-calculus options for the child on the left who only has two years of high school left!  Where has the time gone?!

In honor of ten years of blogging, here are ten quick updates on us (that we’ll use to catch up on the month of February in blogging, ok?):

  1. I was reading through some of my very first posts.  Apparently we had mice.  Guess what?  We have mice again, in this house today.  My traps are not working.  It’s time for plan B.  Whatever that is.
  2. A is finally serious about getting his driver’s license.  36 more hours of parent/child driving practice to go.  Thank goodness for all the country roads in this county.  Some day we’ll be ready to join traffic out on the highway.  Not the freeway, but maybe the highway.  I can only say I am so glad we’re not doing this in downtown Salt Lake City.
  3. Speaking of SLC, I’m back at orchestra rehearsal.  Our conductor keeps our rehearsals to 2.5 hours rather than three, but my back is still killing me by the end of it.  I hope I make it through our March concert, and I may rethink my plans to play in April, although I really really want to play Brahms.
  4. Last Saturday we had the opportunity to hear Gail Halvorsen, “The Candy Bomber,” speak at the Riverton family history center.  He’s one of our heroes, and he’s 96, so who knows if that was our one and only chance to hear him.  C brought his copy of the Candy Bomber book so he could get an autograph.  1-32348782243_877059d720_o1-33036342381_f69e99cd7f_o
  5. C also got the kilt to wear with the bagpipe band he is practicing with.  Words cannot express his excitement!  Performances are coming up beginning in May.
  6. The baby is kicking me quite a bit stronger now.  Little A actually got to feel him when she put her hands on my stomach this morning.  Then she put my hand on her tummy, so I could feel the baby inside of her!
  7. I really wanted to put a garden in this spring, but at the prime planting time, I’ll be 8 months pregnant and I’m just not sure how that’s going to work out!  But that will be just about when A is finished with his “no bending, lifting, or twisting” restrictions from back surgery, so maybe I can put all the boys to work for me.  Of course A’s lost a lot of muscle tone plus weight, which he can’t really afford to lose.  Walking home a half mile from a high school activity Saturday night so exhausted him.  He’s counting down the days until he can really start exercising again.
  8. I had planned to put hearts all over the kids’ doors for Valentine’s Day, but after cutting out five, I was tired of the idea, so I wrote much smaller and gave them all a short note with reasons I love them and left chocolates outside their bedroom doors for a surprise when they woke up.  They were surprised, and I was surprised I remembered in time.  In time being 11 p.m. on February 13.
  9. Valentine’s Day usually goes right by me as DH’s birthday is the 15th and we generally celebrate all things that day instead.  So he was extra surprised to get a heart letter from me on Valentine’s as well.
  10. Speaking of birthdays, DH turned 50!  Or as we calculated it, “You’ll be 68 when this next child leaves for college!”  (More on this in a separate blog post.)

Thanks for reading and commenting all these many years; here’s to ten more!

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  1. Mom permalink
    February 28, 2017 6:05 am

    Congratulations on such a milestone! I’ve really enjoyed your blogs especially since I don’t see the kids nearly enough. Still can’t believe my son is now 50!! And A is driving. How time flies. Keep on blogging!

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