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Big Plans for Spring Break

March 27, 2017

I have big plans for spring break.

Scratch that.

had big plans for spring break.  Spring break is over!  How can this be?  I’ve only been trying to write this blog post for two weeks…

DH warned me that I wouldn’t get much of a break anyway; after all, I still had to be the mom to five children, and of course keep up on everything that entails.  But still, I had high hopes.

I was so happy to see that I had scheduled not one, but two weeks off, with my symphony concert right in the middle. Apparently I’ve learned from previous years that a week off in the midst of concert prep is a grand idea, and then I still need another week off to recover.  I thought I could get my practicing out of the way every morning, leaving the rest of the day free for whatever, but alas, I was still practicing at 9:00 every night that week.  It beats 11 p.m., but still.

I didn’t count on flirting with a head cold all week.  Luckily it was never quite full-blown, but just enough to wear me down.  If moms should not be able to get sick, then for sure pregnant moms should never ever get sick.

Then I had to go into Salt Lake every day that week at least once!  Monday was a fluke.  I’d gone to the doctor the Friday before and before I could be seen, he had to leave to go deliver a baby.  The nurse asked if I’d like to see the midwife in the office.  I said that would be fine.  Three minutes later she came back saying apologetically, “She just had to go deliver a baby, too!”

It wasn’t a big deal to me as my appointments are only about six minutes long anyway at this point.  We measure me, listen to the heartbeat, and the doctor asks if we have any questions.  Nope, no questions this week.  It’s not like we haven’t done this five times already!

So we made our next appointment for three weeks out, but when we got home the doctor’s office called and said he didn’t want to wait three weeks to see me and could I come back on Monday at 2:00.  Sure.  What’s another 40-minute drive into St. Mark’s?  This appointment took a whole 9 minutes.  My doctor is keeping a good eye on me since I’ve had one preemie and we don’t care to repeat that experience!  I’ve gained my requisite pound per week, but I am measuring one week behind at this point, and there’s always my “advanced maternal age!”  So at least I know he’s looking out for me.  And DH and I ran a bunch of errands since we were in Salt Lake again.  So there went that afternoon.

That first week of spring break for homeschool was not spring break for anybody else.  A had Stansbury High classes two days and Liahona classes online four days.  They were both off the second week of our break, but then I still had to take E to Kindermusik classes both weeks because they’re not on spring break until next week, and I still had to teach all my cello students because their spring break isn’t until April!


Originally DH was going to take some days off this week so I could not have to be the parent and spend some quality alone time, but somehow those plans went awry, at least until Wednesday afternoon when he finally got into the doctor for a sinus infection he’s had since about January and was sent home with antibiotics and told to take the next two days off.

Thursday, of course, was my cello day, so having him stay at home really didn’t help me out.  But then E and Little A decided spending a day with Daddy beat out on driving to Grandma and Poppa’s house so they, and the dog, stayed home.  I’m not sure Daddy got much rest, but it actually was a bit of a break for me not to have to worry about them.  And I got to go to the temple with the boys and Grandma and Poppa since I didn’t have little ones to look after.

Today in church the boys got to hear about all their friends’ trips to St. George, and Moab, and Idaho.  Maybe one year we’ll get it together enough, or schedules will align enough, to allow us to actually go on a trip of our own.  Although right now we’ve got A’s hospital bills we’re trying to pay down anyway.  But maybe some year!

A road trip also didn’t sound appealing for this pregnant body at this point in time, but even so I have spent a ridiculous amount of time in the car lately–for my own commitments, and trying to get in those 40 hours of driving time with my teenager!  Which hasn’t been good for my stress level, I might add.  We’ve ventured into Salt Lake City, on the freeway, on lots of backroads, and in the pouring rain. That was an experience: pouring rain while on the freeway and encountering two major slowdowns for wrecks along the way.  But we’re all still alive and unscathed!  Let’s hope it continues.

As it was, they got quite a bit of free time and probably too many electronics this week and I don’t think any of us are really ready to get back to school.  But I was able to carve out enough time with my own thoughts and computer to get our last quarter of school a little more organized.  Our first quarter went great and then the next four months kind of went by in a blur (thank you, morning sickness) and we kind of muddled along, and here it is almost April and we’re counting down the last ten weeks.  And if this baby comes early (which is highly possible) there are still certain things that need to be finished for the older three before they’re free for the summer.  It’s now on paper and we’re committed to it.

Somewhere along the way with my organizing, I got a little distracted–you know how it is, you start researching something and that leads to something else and then you find a great blog on homeschooling high school which leads to more ideas, and pretty soon you have 26 tabs open on your computer and overflowing ideas on your child’s senior year (which is not next year!)

What I should have been doing more of is getting caught up on blog posts.   Like I said, I had big plans. . . most of which did not happen.  I prioritized school planning and mostly got that accomplished.  I didn’t do much else for myself, but our symphony concert went well. My practicing paid off.  Our conductor said De Falla’s Three Cornered Hat Suite was as challenging as Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring last spring, just in different ways, but I remember the stress of that concert, and this year was much better.

So we’ll be back at it in the morning.  Some routine back in our days will be nice for a change.

Photo from our temple trip on Thursday.

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