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Life lately

April 12, 2017

I read a blog post last week that perfectly describes my life lately:

When you decide to homeschool, you’re making a super huge commitment. And this commitment? It’s going to take a lot out of you. Sometimes, it’s going to take more than you have to give. By Friday, you might be running on fumes, and on Monday, you’ve got to get up and start it all over again. Now, I love homeschooling. Don’t get me wrong.

But it isn’t easy.

Forget Friday, I think I was running on fumes by Tuesday last week.  I can’t blame it all on homeschooling, though.

The dog got sick, then the toddler got sick (I’m pretty sure not from the same thing), but when the mom is 7 months pregnant (yesterday!) the last thing she wants to deal with is dog diarrhea in the house and toddler throw up.  I’m so so thankful that was the one night last week Little A didn’t climb in bed with us.  That would have sent me over the edge! Dealing with her bedding later on was enough; I can’t even imagine having to clean mine as well in the middle of the night.

Thankfully, DH was the one who got up with her three times during that night, even after being up super early the day before to get A to his seminary morningside on time (actually early because A’s the designated organist) and knowing he had to get up early Thursday to drive the boys to Liahona Academy.

My cello students were on spring break last week, so I didn’t have to drive down for lessons.  A and C had been wanting to attend the entire day at Liahona instead of just the one class period that they go to a couple times per month, so it was a good day to do that.  DH drove them down to Pleasant Grove before work and then we went back to pick them up in the afternoon.  A is still working on his 40 hours of driving for his license so it was also a good opportunity to let him drive home.  I had to struggle to stay awake though to keep an eye on him.

By the time we got home, it was almost time to start dinner.  My day off from teaching wasn’t really a day off from anything else.  Friday was more of the same, even though the boys had just a couple things to do for school.  Algebra with C took several hours of my time that I hadn’t anticipated spending with him.  It was just a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day for math, as many of them are turning out to be lately.  I don’t think it’s spring fever as much as it is the fact that C is just wired so completely differently when it comes to math.  But I don’t believe in getting bad grades in math at any level.  It is just something that has to be mastered.  Algebra is going to be a real challenge for this kid though.

Speaking of challenges, I don’t even know why I was checking out all the swimming pool websites in the county a week or two back, but I was and I found one single opening for level one swimming lessons and I signed E up.  It sounded like a good idea, but we’ve been driving to Tooele for 10 a.m. lessons all last week and this week.  10 a.m. is normally a great time to have anything out of the house.  Anything earlier is always a challenge to get to, but this is just smack in the middle of our homeschool morning.

I know two of the other kids in the class are from homeschooling families.  One mom brings two siblings to the pool with her every day with their homeschool books.  I just can’t see that happening with us.  All we would be doing would be trying to keep Little A out of the  pool herself.  She loves the water.  E, on the other hand, views swimming lessons as some sort of water torture.  We’ve had three good days out of six so far.  You can only get so far in swimming when you’re terrified of getting your head wet.  I think this is the third time for him in level one lessons.  I don’t know what our next step is.  DH is adamant that he learns how to swim, but E is doing his best to resist.

So we’ll endure for two more days, then the next session is already filled up.  That’s probably a good thing as the drive into Tooele is already getting old and sitting on those bleacher benches for 45 minutes is killing my body!  And even though the boys have good intentions of working while I’m gone, they never seem to accomplish what I feel they’re capable of so the time we’re gone seems to get added to the end of our school day every day.  Add to that A’s extra driving, and I feel like I’ve hardly had any extra time to just . . . be, in the last few weeks.

I seem to remember I feel this way every April.  I’m just tired of all the going to and fro by this point in the school year.  We have one month of Kindermusik class in Salt Lake left, and I’m preparing for my final orchestra concert of the year in 2 ½ weeks, which rehearsals are also in Salt Lake.  But now that I’m past 30 weeks, I have doctor’s appointments every two weeks now (soon to be weekly) and I’m sure partly why I’m feeling so worn is just the fact that I’m seven months pregnant and not functioning at 100%!

I seem to have popped a bit more since last week!  And I’ve run into one of my pet peeve comments lately: You’re so tiny! You don’t even look that far along!

I suppose I should just take that as a compliment, but I always want to point out the fact that even though yes, I am still skinny and don’t appear hugely pregnant, I still have another human being growing inside of me and squishing all of my other internal organs in some form or fashion, thank you very much!

I think the pregnancy emotions have been especially pronounced lately!  I’m trying very hard to keep them in check, and not say things I’ll regret later!

And with that, I should probably go to bed.

I feel this post could use a happy picture or two, except that I’ve hardly taken a single photo this month. . . and now my computer hates me (figures!) and won’t upload anything tonight, so I’ll try again another day.

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  1. Mom permalink
    April 12, 2017 5:32 am

    Thinking of you. Love ya!

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