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A math problem (and other thoughts)

June 19, 2017

Question: What time should we go to bed?  Factor in:

  1. the hours of sleep we need
  2. the amount of sleep deprivation we’re currently suffering from
  3. how many times in the night the baby will wake up
  4. how much time it will take to change, feed, burp, and possibly change him again
  5. the probability that he will go right back to sleep and not fuss and spit up everything he just ate during the next 90 minutes
  6. the time the alarm will go off signalling Daddy’s six weeks of paternity leave are over and he must go to work again…

Answer: about 5 hours before we actually did (and technically I’m not in bed yet, I’m typing this because I don’t have to go anywhere in the morning, and I needed to spend a few moments by myself, just to hear myself think, without a single child needing anything from me!)

Also factor in the fact that it’s June, and the sun never seems to set, and we have other children who think it can’t possibly be bedtime if it’s still light outside, whether Daddy needs sleep or not.

So DH goes back to work tomorrow and it’s definitely going to be an adjustment, although I’m incredibly grateful he’s had six weeks of paid leave this time around.  He’s only ever had two weeks off before and considering we spent the first nine days of S’s life driving back and forth to visit him in the hospital (blog post coming soon), I was really glad DH didn’t have to go back to work five short days after we were all finally home together.

Overall we’ve done ok, and I think this baby has been kinder to us during the nights than the last two were (as I remember it.)  He must know we’re old parents!  He’s actually slept almost 5 hours in one stretch several nights now.  DH has also been very kind to me.  He will take the first feeding of the night and give S a bottle so I can get a longer stretch of uninterrupted sleep.  Then he’s been able to sleep in if needed and I can get up and make it through the day (usually) without feeling utterly exhausted.

But DH has already had to be at his weekend job at 6 a.m. the past two days and I’ll admit, it’s been rough, especially after last night when he got a total of four hours of (interrupted) sleep.  His regular job is more flexible as to start times though, which I think will be a blessing this week, but we’ll have to see how it goes.  It’s a good thing babies are cute!  (DH says it’s a survival mechanism.)

I haven’t had S weighed in two weeks, but he feels like he’s getting heavier.  We’ve quit taking 101 pictures every day to compare, but I think his face is also filling out.

DH said the last six weeks have given him a taste of what retirement will be like.  Although when he can retire for good, who knows.  He can retire with a pension in 2 ½ years, but at that point we’ll have a 2-year-old, and probably the first of many missionaries out, so he’ll need another job, that’s for sure!  Actual retirement will be a long ways down the road!

Personally I hope retirement isn’t like the last 6 weeks.  We’ve had no routine at all other than feeding the baby approximately every three hours, night and day.  When not sleeping, DH has been trying to build garden boxes for me, fix the air conditioning in the suburban, and various other projects around the house and cars.  I think he was overly ambitious as to what could be accomplished in his time off, but we did finally get a garden planted and seeds are actually sprouting!  We only lost about a month of growing time, but we may reap a harvest yet!

The high priest’s group in our ward came over last Saturday and completely cleaned up the rest of our yard.  I don’t know if DH requested or suggested it as a project, or if our neighbors finally decided we needed help with our weeds, but it was incredible how much they accomplished in just 80 minutes–probably more than we could have done ourselves in a month!  Now we just have to maintain it, which is must less daunting than it was a week ago.

I was telling A how I used to spend just 10 minutes a day outside when he was little and C was a baby, trimming branches and pulling weeds.  Granted that yard was one third the size of this one, but with five of us working for 10 minutes a day, we could easily stay on top of it now if we’d just commit to it.

I also need to commit to spending just a few minutes a day on different projects inside the house as well.  With a new little one, I’ve realized again just how much time is eaten up sitting and nursing, and how much I don’t have a lot of long stretches of time to do the big projects in one go.  And the entire house needs to be decluttered.  Again.  But if I’d just commit to 15 minutes a day, it will add up in a hurry.  Several other projects could use just 15 minutes a day as well (like sharing those 101 pictures of the new baby!)  With DH back to work, I’m really hoping we can find some new routines that will get us through the summer in a good way.

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