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Scottish Festival

July 16, 2017

Looking through all my recent photos, there are two themes: babies and bagpipes.  I’m trying to catch up on posting about both.  I think I’ll start with the most recent.

In my new life as a bagpipe mom, I’ve committed myself to a lot of parades, summer sunshine, and pipe music at Scottish festivals!  Last week was a busy one with C’s pipe band playing in the Freedom Festival parade in Provo on the fourth of July, and then in another Scottish festival all day on Saturday.

We took everybody but A down on Saturday to support C.  E was not happy to be there, even after time spent on the playground, but after some kettle corn and frozen lemonade, and a short train ride around Main Street, everybody perked up for the parade and opening ceremonies at noon.

Baby S was pretty happy until the very end of the day.  After the parade, we dropped off the other three at Grandma’s house with some hot dogs to make for lunch and movies to watch.  Then DH drove S and me back to the park so we could hear C’s band play in the pipe competition.  He was going to stay too, but between work and baby up at night, he’d had a rough week of sleep, so I sent him back to take a nap instead while S and I parked ourselves on the lawn for the afternoon.  It was so hot, but at least we were in the shade all day.  We went to another Scottish Festival at the state fairpark a month ago and it was incredibly hot with little to no shade.  This was much better.

C marching in the parade:

His band marching out, ready to perform:

I’m still learning the ins and outs of bagpipe competitions, but apparently you have to have a certain number of pipers to actually compete.  For the Salt Lake festival, some of the band was out of town, so they could only play for critique.  But this weekend they were able to compete and took third place with one of their medleys.

It’s only because C joined this band that they even have enough pipers to compete at all, but one kid graduated in May, so they’ll be too small again next year.  At least they always get to play with the massed bands.  Here are the closing ceremonies from Saturday:

I think I still have bagpipe drones ringing in my ears.

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