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Blessing Day

August 6, 2017

Today was Baby S’s opportunity to (officially) receive a name and a blessing.  The bishopric counselor announced what his name would be, “Unless his father feels inspired to change it…”  DH whispered, “Tempting!”  But no, he was blessed with the names we had picked out, which both have a lot of heritage behind them.  It was a wonderful blessing.

It was a wonderful day.


Since we had afternoon church, we invited family to come over to our house before church for a brunch.  It was a fun change in menu from the lunches and dinners we’ve had after our other baby blessings.  We had egg and potato casseroles with ham, sausage, or veggies, along with fresh fruit, mini muffins, juices, and yogurt/granola/fruit parfaits.

While Little A was getting her pull-up changed and her dress on for church, I did manage one picture of the five boys.  I can’t believe I have five boys!

We then attempted a family picture.  Ha ha ha.  With each new child, it gets exponentially harder to take a good family photo!  And of course there’s always that one kid that you’re just happy if he’ll agree to be in the photo.  Smiles are completely optional!

Poppa was creative in including E in this one!

This is what real life looks like!

It took a good part of the day, but I finally managed a photo of everyone with the baby.

With Grandma and Poppa:

I think this was where he was just tired of getting passed around, or maybe just tired!

3 Generations:

We’re so grateful to have this sweet little soul as a part of our eternal family!

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  1. Nana permalink
    August 7, 2017 6:05 am

    Congratulations on a great day for S and the rest of the family. Great pics, even with little E avoiding the camera! Love to all!

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