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Lagoon 2017

August 21, 2017

Poppa and Grandma took us to Lagoon amusement park last week.  We didn’t go last summer, so it was like a whole new experience for Little A.  She was big enough to go on rides this time, big enough to play at Lagoon-a-beach, big enough to throw a screaming fit when we had to leave…

Actually, her first fit was when we were done swimming.  She hadn’t figured out the joy of riding rides yet, and was so heartbroken that we were packing up from swimming.  She got over it though, and caught on quite quickly to the fun of rides with her brother.

First though, the big boys had to ride Rattlesnake Rapids with Daddy and Poppa.  Mommy and Grandma weren’t eager to get soaking wet, plus someone had to watch out for the littles.  We officially have bigs and littles, an equal number of each now, although E is getting more and more grownup by the day and will soon be in an in-between category all by himself.  
Speaking of the bigs, I don’t have too many pictures of them.  We would send them off to wait in super long lines for super short heart-stopping thrill rides while we let E and Little A try out almost every little kid ride there was.  And they’ve added more since we were there two years ago.

I think this was their favorite.  I wish I could have captured Little A’s face when the planes first lifted up. Little A didn’t measure up to the 36-inch line to ride the Jeeps by herself (although she hit the mark on all the other rides), so A was the responsible party who went with her. D on the swings:E on the train (He’s looking so grown up!):and on the boats:Little A had to ride in the pink one of course.  E didn’t want to be her buddy here.On the Red Baron ride:We all rode the train and the merry-go-round, even Baby S, who was surprisingly good-natured throughout the day, and took everything as it came without too much fussing.

This was actually Little A’s fourth attempt at the merry-go-round.  The first time we were the last ones to get on and she couldn’t get an animal that went up and down, so she sat in the swan seat the entire ride.  Then she wanted to ride a horse.  Daddy waited in line with her and again, they were the last ones through and there were no carousel horses left. A third try–same outcome.  I said to DH, “Why don’t you just tell the guy to let you on first the next time around?”  But by that time, Little A wanted to ride the boats again.  After the boats and sensing that our time was getting short, Little A wanted to give it one more try.  I was done nursing S, so I took her and E and they both got carousel horses.  Well, a zebra in her case.  After the ride was through, she told me his name was Marty.  A zebra named Marty–I think she’s watched Madagascar a few too many times.
And that thing on her face?  She was adamant about getting her face painted.  (The boys have never wanted their faces painted; just another one of those differences between them and the girl in the family!)  But did she want a butterfly or a fairy, or something else girly?  No.  She wanted a hawk on her face.

I guess you could call that a hawk.  $10 for the hawk and then she had a drink of water and it smeared the facepaint first thing.  But she was happy, and Daddy was the sucker who paid for it! 

One last photo of C and D before leaving for night (and E having a fit because, “The park is still open, so why do we have to go hoooooooommmmme?)

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  1. Nana permalink
    August 21, 2017 5:31 am

    Wow, Erik let you take a couple of pics, good ones too. Glad everyone had such a good time.

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