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Starting School 2017

September 11, 2017

This was quite possibly the most unprepared I’ve felt at the beginning of a school year (I think I said that last year, too!)  But I’ve been in baby mode for the past four months, and have had a really hard time getting my brain back in school mode.  DH said the beauty of homeschool was that we could start whenever we felt ready, but I said if that were the case, we might not get started until Christmas, so it was best to just go for it now.

For the most part we just continue on with the next level of whatever we used the the year before, so it’s not that hard to start up again.  But I did want to make some changes in a few areas, and it was mostly those changes that were holding me back.  I just had the hardest time finding a quiet opportunity to sit and research and ponder all my options.  I kept telling DH that I just wanted one day off, where all I had to do was feed the baby, and he would take care of everything else in the household, but those plans kept getting thwarted by his work schedule mainly.  (He’s essentially doing three jobs at work, plus his weekend gig, and has only had maybe two days off with no work of any kind anywhere in the past month.)

Somewhere I eked out some quiet time and I think I finally have everything figured out now that we’re two weeks in!  I’ll type up a summary of everything we’re doing soon, but on to the pictures:

I was so amazed that E was perfectly willing and happy to be in the first day pictures this year!   
We use that door to compare their height from year to year, so I figured I better line them up the opposite way too so the littles could be in front of the door.  (I think of them now in terms of bigs and littles, three of each.) Our old house had double sliding doors for everyone to stand in front of, but there’s only a single door here, plus we’re growing in number!  
A, 11th grade
C, 9th grade
D, 7th gradeE, 2nd gradeLittle A, preschoolS, adorable babyWe have a tradition of striped shirts for the first day of school, but I’m about ready to toss it.  It was so hard to find stripes this year.  I thought it was hard to find stripes for the boys, and then I went to the girls’ department.  Everything there was neon colors and graphic designs.  Hardly a stripe to be had. Hardly anything decent without words or pictures on it.  Too much Disney.  Where have all the classic children’s clothes gone?  It was depressing.

So we came home to try amazon.  How hard could it be?  She wanted a pink shirt and I wanted stripes on it.

I’m never shopping online with a 3-year-old again!

She has very definite opinions and nixed just about everything I suggested!  After looking at about 327 different options that weren’t outrageously expensive that we could get shipped in time for school, we ended up with a pink bunny dress with striped pockets.  Next time I’m not asking for her input!

I did tell A that in four years or so I’m going to mail him a striped shirt to wear for the first day of university.  Maybe we’ll keep the tradition going just that long.

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