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Adventures in the kitchen with E

February 26, 2018

Now that E can read fluently, he should be able to read and follow a recipe, right?  Right??

He thinks so.  And every once in a while he surprises me.

I’ve had the older boys take turns making breakfast for ages and E has been asking for his own day to be in charge of breakfast.  So he now has Friday for sure, and no one else is sure what day they have.  (Changing their seminary classes to 8 a.m. this semester has really thrown a wrench in the “who cooks breakfast” routine.)

The first Friday after this change, I was awakened by E at my bedside saying, “I need help with the eggs.”  That was a disconcerting way to start my day.  Those waffles were so good, though! He measured everything perfect, and really only needed help with the eggs.  He’s made pancakes a couple of times now too, although I’ve realized that I need to rewrite my recipes with very very specific instructions on what to do: which ingredients, in what order, in what bowl, etc.

This afternoon he wanted to make cookies, but no one wanted to supervise him, including me (something about a 4 a.m. wakeup call from Baby S finally catching up to me…) He was determined to make snickerdoodles all by himself, and I thought, why not? The first snag was the fact he wanted to double the recipe and we were running low on butter.  He’d already measured out the sugar and mixed it with half the butter, so there was no turning back, so I helped him scrape butter off the butter plate that was out on the counter and eyeballed another ¼ cup, without too many toast crumbs.

I went back to whatever it was I was doing, and a few minutes later I hear, “I think I put in too much vanilla…”

“How much did you put in?”

“½ cup.”

½ cup???  It’s supposed to be ½ teaspoon!

Note to self: Buy more vanilla.  And butter.

It really was funny at the time, but I had to pour off the excess vanilla while trying not to pour out too much of the melted butter because we had no more to work with.  He wanted to keep going, so I told him to add everything else in and I’d come check the texture.  He added everything.  Literally.  Including the cinnamon and sugar that he was supposed to roll the cookies in.  That’s when we realized he was just following the list of ingredients, and not the actual recipe directions.

In his defense, the waffle recipe just says to add all the ingredients together and blend well.  Most recipes have a few more steps though.  Now he knows.

Why did I let E have free rein in my kitchen?  Frankly, I was too tired to care.  After some extra flour was added, we baked his vanilla/cinnamon cookies.  Not quite snickerdoodles, but they tasted great.  Even the baby loved them.

We breed an independent streak in our children.  We were just retelling the story of how A, at age 2, made brownies one morning all by himself . . . in the dog’s water dish.  Luckily he hadn’t gone for the eggs and oil yet, but he’d measured out flour, sugar, cocoa, and salt and mixed it together .  We never could get some of that . . . cement . . . off the wallpaper.

Add this to our story collection–½ cup of vanilla! (I should have taken pictures.)







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  1. Tamaran permalink
    February 26, 2018 4:26 pm

    I LOVE THIS!!! Way to go E–way to be proactive, and learn how to do better in the future. So fun.

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