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Oh, April!

May 1, 2018

I’m not sad to see you go!

At midnight on April 1, we were in the emergency room for me.  Three days and one freak accident later we were in the emergency room with DH.  The next Sunday we put in a call to poison control after Baby S may have eaten some dishwasher detergent when the big brother “watching” him while we finished getting ready for church, wasn’t really.

The detergent now lives up higher.  Who am I kidding, everything lives up higher these days.  This child is into everything right now.  He’s mastered crawling on his hands and knees and he is super fast!  I can’t keep up.  He has a knack for finding pencils and eating paper.

The day after the poison control call, I was watching him closely, but he still lost his balance while climbing around the Fisher Price farm set and fell on the open silo tower and split his gum open right where his right front tooth was about to push through.  So much blood . . .

That relieved the teething on that side, but he’s had a horrible time getting the other front tooth to break through.  I ask this with every child, but I’ll ask again, “Why do babies only seem to teethe at night?!”  We lost quite a bit of sleep on more than a few nights trying to help him be comfortable.  Then the poor kid got sick and threw up everything he’d eaten twice in one day.  Literally everything.  Everywhere.  At our house and then again at Grandma’s.  Then he spent the next few days having it come out the other end.  (Just keeping it real!)

DH came home from work at 11 p.m. that Saturday night to find me practically in tears, Baby S still awake wearing only a diaper because 1) he couldn’t seem to go more than 10 minutes before having another blowout explosive diaper and 2) we were literally out of clothes to wear and were waiting for the laundry to finish.

Backing up a little to ER visits one and two–

DH is fine.  He was just buckling Baby S into his carseat after dropping me off at orchestra when a lady who was trying to back out of the same parking lot (and should have been looking over her left shoulder as well as her right) ran into the door of our Suburban with her back bumper and started to close it while DH was standing there inside it.  Luckily she was going very slowly or he could have been seriously injured.  As it was he got squished into the car door frame and we spent over three hours at University Hospital waiting for him to be examined, after he came into orchestra to get me.

My stand partner wasn’t there that night and I was just sitting there, obliviously sightreading Tchaikovsky when suddenly DH was standing right next to me saying I needed to come now and bring my cello.  I was trying to gather my cello and my bow and my bag and my rosin and my rockstop all in one trip and exit gracefully as my music kept falling on the floor.  Fun times.  But he’s just fine.

And as for me–

I’ve had an epidermoidal cyst on my hip that decided to rupture internally the night before Easter. It’s been there for years, just a little squishy lump.  I had one doctor look at it, pronounce it “weird,” and just tell me to keep an eye on it.  So I did.  At one point it kind of doubled in size, but was still just squishy and didn’t do anything else.  Until it did.  I could definitely tell a difference then.

DH and the older boys had gone to the priesthood session of general conference and I started to feel a little achy, but I was making a cake for Easter.  When I finally sat down on the couch and it rubbed against my hip, I could tell something was very wrong.  Looking in the bathroom mirror I could see my hip was red and inflamed, and I could feel that whatever was inside the cyst had spread out a couple of inches, and it hurt to touch it.

So after DH came home and we had put the littles to bed, we went to the ER, which was surprisingly busy that night.  I must have been the least critical patient because it was after midnight before I was finally seen.  The ER doctor also said whatever it was was “weird” (my thoughts exactly) and I had two options.  He could slice me open then and there and try to get out whatever was obviously causing the pain and inflammation, but it wouldn’t be pretty!  Or he could send me home with an antibiotic and an appointment to see a surgeon on Monday.  I went with option B since it was after midnight, I was exhausted, and I had no real desire to be sliced open on Easter.  Plus Baby S was awake again and now with us at the hospital.  So we went home, technically with only a prescription for an antibiotic, which I then had the fun task of finding an open pharmacy to fill it on Sunday morning before conference started again.

I couldn’t get into to see a surgeon until Wednesday of that week, but she and her PA decided surgery would be the best option so I was scheduled for Tuesday, April 17.  It was a quick and easy outpatient procedure.  I had to be there at 7 a.m.  Baby S helped me out by waking me up at 5 a.m.  I nursed him and went back to sleep until DH informed me it was 6:47 and what was I still doing in bed?!

I threw some clothes on and climbed into the car, grateful for children old enough and competent enough to take care of each other and their younger siblings so I didn’t have to wake everybody up and get them somewhere else.  After A’s seminary class he came home and helped get the three little ones to a friend’s house so D could watch his online science class in peace.  I think I came home fairly soon after that, but I don’t remember much except climbing in the car at the surgical center and climbing into my bed at home where I slept for at least the next four hours.

Luckily I have a high pain tolerance level and really haven’t felt any pain from it at all, just some vague discomfort after the anesthesia wore off completely and itchiness as the stitches have dissolved and the skin heals.  I’ve been really worn down though, (probably not just from that!) and it was a good excuse to take it easy for a while.

Because then C was sick this past week. . .

I hope May is just a nice, calm, boring month!



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  1. Nana permalink
    May 1, 2018 4:40 am

    Wow, you have had a month! Glad everyone is better. Hope everyone is healthy this month and ready for our vacation! Love ya.

  2. May 7, 2018 2:16 pm

    Wow!! That’s one crazy crazy month! You deserve a lovely May, full of plans that go right and all that… good luck!!

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