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May 24, 2018


It felt odd to come out of my orchestra concert last Saturday in time to see the sunset over the State Capitol.  It was a reminder that it’s May and the final concert of my 15th season with the Salt Lake Symphony.  We played the final piece of Mozart’s compositional output, his Requiem Mass.  It’s a piece I’ve long wanted to play, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The string sections were switched around and I got to experience life like a violist with the bassoons in one ear and the trombones in another.  We were joined by the Utah Voices choir, but they were in the loft above us and I couldn’t hear them very well.  I much prefer the sound when I’m sitting on the outer edge of the orchestra, but it was still glorious Mozart!

There are always times when I come back to rehearsal after furiously practicing certain sections and wonder did I practice enough to get it up to tempo, or is our conductor going slower tonight?  Hmmm…

The “Domine Jesu” was noticeably slower when we put it together with the choir, for which we were so grateful!  It was actually playable at that tempo!  It’s always a good feeling when you know you’re capable of playing every note and feel prepared for performance, even though you’ve only had the music for three weeks!   Our last concert was at the very end of April so we had a short turnaround, but it worked out well and was a wonderful experience!


C took this picture for me from his seat in the balcony while we were warming up.

I love orchestra, but I am actually quite glad the season is over.  Last week was especially tough with two rehearsals and a concert, plus hearing the boys sing in their choir concert, and attending the high school orchestra/band concert to hear A play two pieces with the jazz band on the one remaining free night of the week.  I’m ready for summer and more nights spent at home with nothing on the calendar!


Baby S and I took a quick selfie before leaving for the babysitter!  I’ve missed being home with him at bedtime.  He always comes with DH to drop me off at rehearsal and gets Daddy time while I play, but we’re happy to take a break from that for a while.

Last night I turned around and drove back into the city to hear two of my students play in the All-Star side-by-side concert with the Utah Symphony.  Then this morning I got up early and drove C down to Utah Valley University to play with the pipe band for all of ten minutes at graduation, then came all the way back home, ate lunch and picked up everybody else, and headed back in to Salt Lake for our final book club meeting.  So I wouldn’t have to come back again this weekend, we took our usual pinwheels up to the family graves in the SLC cemetery.  I’m so ready to not drive anywhere for days if I don’t have to!


The end of May is fast approaching and we’re trying to wrap up our school year.  Outside commitments are finishing up, and we’re working hard to complete the last of our school work that needs to be turned in for online classes, plus a few things at home.  I’m still contemplating what summer will look like around here.  I know it will include math for just about everybody, but we’re not moving and we won’t have a brand new baby, unlike last year.  I have high hopes for being productive!  Stay tuned!

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  1. Nana permalink
    May 24, 2018 12:22 pm

    Great pics! See you in a week…

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