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Vacation 2018: Lake Tahoe

July 30, 2018

It’s really amazing (or maybe embarrassing) how many half-finished blog posts I have sitting around.  It’s also really amazing how fast a 14-month-old can toddle around.  Scratch that; he’s running now, rarely holds still, and is into EVERYTHING!  My entire life right now is a series of unfinished projects everywhere.  I hardly get a moment to sit down these days.  I actually kind of miss our little old house downtown where I could put up one gate to the kitchen and keep the toddler confined to just the living room.  It’s so exhausting trying to keep up with him every day.

But we did go on a vacation last month and I am determined to finish this post!

I suppose there are worse ways to start a vacation than leaving your suitcase at home. . .

First off, DH, after asking me approximately 27 times what the dates were for this trip that his mother arranged, still missed the fact that he needed to teach a class the first afternoon we should be on the road.  No problem, we’ll drive separately, which we needed to do anyway because we had too many people even for the Suburban.  We left A and E home to wait for Daddy, and the other four children and Nana and I set out for Genoa, Nevada, early on Friday morning, June 1.  Eight+ hours later, without incident, we arrived and got checked into our condos.

DH got held up by road construction coming home from work and so they didn’t even leave our house until after 6 p.m.  E forgot to bring his backpack full of stuff to do, but at least he had his suitcase which I had personally loaded into the Suburban for him.  In hindsight I should have put my suitcase in as well, because I apparently didn’t communicate the fact that the suitcase DH and I were sharing was still in our bedroom and he would need to put it in the car.  After his class, he was in a hurry to get on the road and they did make good time, pulling in and waking me up to open the door for them at 1:30 a.m. Nevada time.

The next morning I asked C to go down and bring up my suitcase so I could shower and get dressed, and he had to deliver the unhappy news that there was no other suitcase in the Suburban.  And so we spent a good portion of Saturday trying to figure out our clothes situation.  I had needed some new summer clothes, but having to buy only what was available at Walmart was not the way I had intended to go about it.

We had a washer/dryer in our hotel, and I was ready to just buy an outfit or two and wash every night, but I also needed something for church, plus shoes, plus something to swim in, as did DH.  Let’s just say we both exceeded our clothing budget for the month.

We also loaded up on laundry soap and food for the week.  We had a full kitchen and were able to eat breakfast in most days, plus lunches and snacks, or else we’d pack a picnic lunch on the go.  We could get the foods everybody liked (including treats I hardly ever buy at home!) and it was so much cheaper than eating out with nine people every meal. Although at one point, I wondered if I was really on vacation what with all the cooking, dish washing, and laundry I had going on!

We also raided the dollar store for activities since E left all of his toys home and D had finished every Sudoku puzzle he brought before we even got to Wendover.  We bought some maze, sudoku, and dot-to-dot books, coloring books and crayons, a few more baby toys (for the baby with the 3-second attention span) and water guns for the pool.  Those were a definite hit, even for the baby!

2018 Lake Tahoe - 5 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 4 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 3 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 2 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 1 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 6 of 59

Beginning walker + concrete = skinned knees unfortunately, but I think I cared more than he did.

On Sunday we attended sacrament meeting at the LDS ward in Minden, then went to the cemetery to see the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall.  We found my dad’s cousin’s name.

2018 Lake Tahoe - 9 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 10 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 7 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 8 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 11 of 59

On Monday, we drove all the way around Lake Tahoe.  It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed some beautiful views, but I hadn’t really done my research on what there was to do at Lake Tahoe.  I assumed the water would be way too cold for anyone to want to get in it (I was half right.) DH assumed we would mostly want to drive around, getting out to look for 5 minutes or so before getting back in the cars.  But I didn’t come all that way to mostly drive!  The littles especially did not want to be that confined and if they see sand, there is no way they don’t want to play in it!  Where’s there’s a sandy beach, there’s also water, so half of us got a lot wetter than we intended and were really wishing we had brought our swimming suits after all.

2018 Lake Tahoe - 16 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 15 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 13 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 17 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 18 of 59There’s a waterfall right here that the boys helped Little A climb down to.  I couldn’t see myself climbing after them with S in my arms, but they were a little too fearless for my taste.  I couldn’t see them very well, but I almost thought one of them was headed right over the edge a few times.  My mommy heart felt a lot better when they all got safely up again and we crossed over the road and followed the river up the mountain a short way after DH finally found a parking place.  There was a crazy amount of cars that day.
2018 Lake Tahoe - 19 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 20 of 59


2018 Lake Tahoe - 21 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 22 of 59


2018 Lake Tahoe - 23 of 59

Enjoying the waterfront park in Tahoe City after eating lunch and driving past countless fancy vacation houses on the California side:

2018 Lake Tahoe - 24 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 25 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 26 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 27 of 59



Back on the Nevada side of the lake, we stopped at Sand Harbor beach, and again,  couldn’t resist playing in the sand and water in a nice little shady spot where it wasn’t too crowded.





2018 Lake Tahoe - 30 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 31 of 59

Baby S loved the sand!  Maybe a little too much . . . I’m sure he ate more than I would have liked.

2018 Lake Tahoe - 32 of 59

Ice cream after was much more delicious!

2018 Lake Tahoe - 34 of 59

Part 2 coming soon–

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