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Lake Tahoe vacation part 2

August 1, 2018

On Tuesday we met DH’s Uncle N and his wife who live in Gardnerville for a wonderful pizza lunch, then the big boys and Dad and Nana went to see Solo at the movie theater while the littles and I had nap time and then went to the park.  That night we went to sit in the hot springs at the resort we were staying at.  It was so terribly windy though.  I’m not sure if it’s like that all the time, but we had a lot of howling wind the whole week.  The hot springs were great though.  Getting out of them, not so much.

Who needs toys when you can walk around shaking chips and pretzel bags?2018 Lake Tahoe - 35 of 59

We actually should have taken a lot more toys for S, but there’s only so much you can realistically pack in a car.  He was much happier being out and about after he had explored every inch of our two bedrooms, bathrooms, living room and kitchen area.  E, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel so he could use electronics and resisted many offers of heading out swimming or to the park.  I’m rethinking the access to electronics we had on this trip, even though it was a vacation.  We were getting some bad attitudes tied to screen time towards the end of the week.

I didn’t get to drive with DH on the way across Nevada, and I didn’t get to drive with DH on the way back.  A and C wanted to make it home for our stake’s youth conference, so the three of them left on Wednesday afternoon.  We debated whether I should drive them back, but that would have meant taking the 1-year-old as well, which doesn’t facilitate a quick and straight drive home (as quick as it is from Reno to Stansbury Park.) We also briefly considered sending the two of them alone because I was already missing DH, but sending a still fairly new driver across Nevada with only his 15-year-old brother for company didn’t feel comfortable at all.  So we parted ways, but not until after we checked out Mormon Station State Park in Genoa.

Genoa is the oldest settlement in Nevada and was originally a Mormon trading post.  There’s a museum and nice park there in Genoa, and it just happened to be free admission that Wednesday.  E liked this mountain lion skin.

2018 Lake Tahoe - 36 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 37 of 59

Yes, you read that right, it’s a camel collar!  Who knew?

2018 Lake Tahoe - 38 of 59

A Pony Express advertisement.  We know a couple of young, skinny, wiry fellows!  I’m not sure they’d have been willing to risk death daily, but they’re not orphans anyway, so…

2018 Lake Tahoe - 39 of 59

A nice example of a Conestoga wagon. 2018 Lake Tahoe - 40 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 41 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 42 of 59

Wednesday night Nana treated us to a very fancy dinner and on Thursday morning, we again had breakfast with Uncle N and E.  This was our last full day in Nevada, so we laid out all the options for adventure because we were a little tired of hanging out in our hotel.  E and D opted for the train museum in Carson City, and then for going back to Lake Tahoe.  So we packed our picnic lunch, swimsuits, and towels, and went on our way, stopping again at Dollar Tree for buckets and shovels and other toys for building sand castles with.  We were prepared this time!

The train museum was really nice.  There were lots of restored engines and other cars to look at and climb through.

2018 Lake Tahoe - 43 of 59

A “Lay Your Own Track” activity:

2018 Lake Tahoe - 44 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 45 of 59

These two engines are actually very similar to the two engines at Golden Spike National Historic Site.  In fact, in 1969 (if I remember correctly), they were given the paint jobs of the Jupiter and the 119 and sent to Golden Spike for the Centennial, then as replicas of the Jupiter and the 119 were being built, they toured around the country until 1976, the country’s Bicentennial.  Finally after the replicas were completed, they returned home to Nevada and were converted to their original paint schemes.

2018 Lake Tahoe - 49 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 50 of 59

A WWI boxcar:

2018 Lake Tahoe - 48 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 47 of 59

E and Little A could have played with this set for hours.

2018 Lake Tahoe - 51 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 52 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 53 of 59

Then it was back to the Lake and Sand Harbor beach again.  Once again, it was a beautiful day, but we had a hard time finding a shady spot at first, and I was afraid we would have horrible sunburns on our pale skin that hadn’t seen sun all winter. For once, I did a really good job with the sunscreen!

2018 Lake Tahoe - 54 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 55 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 56 of 59

2018 Lake Tahoe - 57 of 59

Not a real octopus!  Just someone else’s sand toy the boys dug up.  We ate our picnic lunch and played in the sand and water, and after a few hours, everyone was ready to go home.  It was a perfect afternoon where everybody had not just fun, but enough fun.  It wore them out, too!  In fact, the three littles all ended up in my bed at some point that night. This was the scene when I finally climbed out from amongst them Friday morning.

2018 Lake Tahoe - 58 of 59

We got packed up and it was really amazing how we fit everything back in the van.  We had to do it; the Suburban was already back in Utah, but we were dealing with the stroller we didn’t have coming out, and laundry soap we hadn’t really planned on buying, and a cooler for the food we had overplanned for.  But we made it. After about two hours on the road, being in close quarters for a week caught up to everyone. There was whining, fighting, probably weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.    After we ate lunch, I made the executive decision to split the children up.  D sat in front with Nana, E went in the middle next to S, and I climbed in the far back with Little A.  Everyone was commanded to not touch anybody, not talk to anybody, not even breathe anybody’s air!  We still had 6+ hours to endure being together in the car.

Baby S got a kick out of my being in the back seat where he could see me!

2018 Lake Tahoe - 59 of 59

We made it home in one piece!

It’s good to go, but it’s sure good to come back again.


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