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Well, hello there!

January 8, 2019

*Walks in.*

*Blows the dust off the old blog.*

I won’t say I made a new year’s resolution to blog more, but I do miss writing here (and you have no idea how many posts I’ve composed in my head but never got around to typing out), so my rambling self is back.  I never intended to quit the blog; let’s just say life intervened after that last post I wrote about the first day of school.  Four months full of school (public, private, online, at home, plus a preschool group for Little A) and music lessons and choir performances and an eagle scout project and ACT tests and college applications(!) and binge-watching Call the Midwife, plus a trip to Moab, birthdays (14, 9, 18 (!), and 40-something), and holidays.  Plus a toddler.  Who never stops.  Somedays I feel like it doesn’t matter what else is happening, as long as a toddler is included, life will be crazy.  At least he finally sleeps through the night, so I’m feeling more rested and human than I have in a good 20 months.  (Now if the 4-year-old would just quit climbing in my bed at night.)

We started school again today.  It was terrible.  Usually after a long break, we’re so happy to get back into a routine, but people were just off today.  I really hope tomorrow goes better.  We took three entire weeks off this year, except for the public school people that had to go back last Wednesday.  E’s 9th birthday was last Friday (which is always a day off) and Epiphany was yesterday so we were still firmly in Christmas break mode until this morning.

E and Little A had made a fort with a million blankets and toys in the living room right after Christmas which I let them keep up until this past Saturday when we had to clean before E’s birthday party.  I realized that I really missed out on enjoying the Christmas tree and other decorations out there because of the mess, so I sat there for a very long time last night, basking in the lights one last time.

It’s one of the most depressing days of the year when the Christmas decorations come down, but I needed to do it today so we could move forward with a big clean open space again.  The rest of the upstairs is quite clean too from our party clean-up, which helped my mood at least.  I had great plans of cleaning and dejunking tons more over the break, but we started Christmas break by passing around a 24-hour stomach flu virus.  All eight of us were down at some point, even A and I, who almost never get sick.  All of my big plans and motivation then went out the window and I mostly read books and did puzzles instead, after one big baking day on Christmas Eve.

Our new Christmas puzzle with stamps of vintage Christmas scenes. It was gorgeous!img_3028

We should have played more board games because we collected several new ones between birthdays and Christmas, but the older boys were here and there with friends and different plans, then they all went to a regional dance on New Year’s Eve (which is our traditional board game and root beer float night) and left me home with the littles.  It’s a whole different board game experience when the oldest child there is only eight!  It’s been a few years since we were in that boat.  We did have fun though, and bonus, they didn’t need to stay up until midnight–they were happy to stay up until 10! And DH was home for the first time on New Year’s Eve in a long while, so it was a nice night!


We pulled out Rivers, Roads, and Rails which we haven’t played in years.  They updated the game tiles recently, but I’m so glad we have the old version.  The pictures are just so much more charming.



Labyrinth is a big hit for E right now.  Little A can’t quite logic her way through it, but she tries.


Due to stress on New Year’s Eve thanks to college applications, I spent most of the afternoon on New Year’s in bed reading and then napping.  It was amazing.  Little A joined me and took a boatload of selfies. I won’t share them all, but she delighted in some mommy time all to herself.



Then the older boys and I played our new Ticket to Ride game that night, mostly as a celebration of getting A’s big college application to his #1 school finished.

(Why are those things due on New Year’s Day, anyway?  What a way to stress out over Christmas break!  At least for procrastinators like us! It would have helped if A had decided I needed to be the one to fill out the Secondary School Report before Dec. 27.  That was cutting it a bit close!  Applications for homeschoolers are a little more complicated as we’re learning!  Now we wait. . . At least he’s accepted to his #2 school with a scholarship if #1 doesn’t happen.  And now that he’s applied, I’m not sure what I want the outcome to be.  Mostly I’m trying not to think about the fact that he’s 18, we’ve made it to this point, he’ll be leaving for somewhere very soon, and our lives will never ever be the same.  But enough about that. . .)

I don’t have any big goals for school in the next couple of weeks; I know how hard it is to get going again after Christmas.  It happens every year.  I do have high hopes that we’ll get back in the routine of getting up, making our beds, getting dressed and ready in a timely fashion, practicing music regularly, and having less screen time.  I finally cancelled Netflix streaming about six weeks ago.  A few of us were getting too addicted, and the meltdowns we’ve had (some quite recently) have only reinforced that it needed to be done!  (Now when people ask me if I see a difference between girls and boys, I can most definitely say yes!  The drama! and the tears! that come with 4-year-old girls!  Oh, my!)

As for me, I notice a definite difference.  We’ve all done a lot more reading lately, and the evenings seem to go by so much more slowly when we’re reading and not watching something.  I feel like I’ve had a lot more time to spend with DH!  Of course orchestra, cello lessons, and scouts have been on hiatus as well and everything starts up this week, so we’ll see how I feel by this weekend!  Ready or not, here we go!

A few more pictures:

It’s hard work being Mom’s Little Monster:

img_3168 (1)

My yeast failed for the potato rolls on Christmas Day, so while I now have a new recipe for some great rolls on short notice, I was determined to make more potato rolls last week.  Aren’t they beautiful, or as beautiful as they get when the 4-year-old is helping roll them up.


The peaceful living room scene last night:img_3254

And one last look at the tree in the afternoon sunlight:img_3261

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    January 10, 2019 5:24 pm

    Glad you’re blogging again as I really enjoy reading about the family and seeing your pics. Love ya

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