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Family History Quest

January 30, 2018

There is a new Family History Quest in the Friend magazine this year.  Each month there will be a different activity to complete that will help us learn about our family history.  January’s activity was to decorate a binder or box to keep all of our activities in.

I finally remembered to pick up some binders last week and on Sunday afternoon we really needed a fun activity after six of us stayed home with head colds or the possibility of being sick.  (Only C and D went to church.)

I told them they could print out anything relevant to our family history: pictures, maps, census records, etc.  C found a map of the Isle of Bute and printed out Stuart of Bute tartan for his and D’s binders, but mostly everyone was interested in pictures.  I had a huge amount of prints from the studio portraits we’ve had taken over the years.  The 8x10s have largely been framed; smaller copies have gone to the grandparents and great-grandparents (although my grandma has a habit of compiling photos given to her and giving them back to us in albums every couple of years. Probably a good idea with over 60 descendants now–she’d be drowning in photographs otherwise!) But I have so many wallets and smaller prints of so many different photo shoots left over.  It’s amazing really.

So I dumped them all out on the table.  It was covered.  But we had so much fun sorting through them all!

Some observations:

  • A is the only child who had regular photo sessions at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months old.  Perks of being the oldest?
  • We used to get family pictures taken a lot more regularly.
  • It’s much easier to get three children all smiling together than six.
  • The days of the matchy-matchy outfits are over.
  • All of my babies look remarkably similar!  We can especially see Baby S in D’s 4-month picture, A’s 9-month picture, and E’s newborn photos.
  • There is one photo of E at 3-months-old that does not look like him in the least!  We’re pretty sure it’s him though from the outfit.  Very odd.
  • As we were sorting photos out by child, I had to keep asking the boys whose pictures were whose because honestly I couldn’t always tell!  I think I asked C about the same photo of him about 11 times.
  • Daddy has aged quite a bit over the past 20 years; on the other hand they all thought that Mommy has hardly changed at all!
  • We have way too few printed photos of the younger three.  In fact, all of the photos of Little A were printed off the computer on Sunday.
  • Speaking of Miss A, she was born for projects like this!  If you want to keep her occupied for many hours, just get out the glue, scissors, pictures, and paper, and she will go to town with them!  She cut all of these out herself (and was so excited about “Pink Paper!!”):

A declined to decorate a binder.  He sorted out his scout merit badge stuff instead.  I hate to say it, but he’s growing up and outgrowing some of our activities.  Everyone else had a fabulous time, though.  C said, “That was fun! We should do this more often!”

I may just take him up on that.  9:00 church with the afternoon free has its perks.

Here’s a look at the finished products:


New smile!

January 30, 2018

Fall 2013

January 2014

January 2018

It’s been a long four years, but last week C finally got his braces off!

I tried to find a representative picture of his smile when we first started orthodontia, but couldn’t find a photo that really showed just how crooked his smile was!  I should have saved the original photos the orthodontist took, although it was really the x-rays that tell the whole story.  His teeth were basically growing in a (crooked) V-shape, instead of a nice curved semi-circle.

He started out with a screw/widener that we had to turn periodically to widen his jaw.  First I could never remember how often it needed to be turned, so we’d have to go another month to get it where it needed to be. (In my defense that was when I was horribly morning sick with Little A.)  Then I was accused of turning it the wrong direction (which is basically impossible) because unbeknownst to us, C would play with it with his tongue and move it back a notch.  When we got that figured out, we finally started seeing some progress!

Apparently it’s a whole lot easier to play the bagpipes without braces, so he’s extremely happy!  And we’re so happy to see his beautiful smile!



January 22, 2018

Little Miss A turned four this week!  It feels like we’ve been celebrating for days.  Wait, we have…

First up, presents at Grandma and Poppa’s house on Thursday.  Everything was so exciting!  First the wrapping paper was pink!  Then there was a box (!) inside.

Then she got another box! and yet another box!
She got new clothes, which she had to immediately try on, some play-doh toys, and a stuffed Paw Patrol fire dog.

Paw Patrol was kind of the theme this year, although she’s only watched the actual show a couple of times.  But she and E use Paw Patrol toothpaste, so she associates everything Paw Patrol with the characters on the tube.  (And the theme could be Disney princesses instead, so I’m not complaining!) She has been talking about having a “puppy party” for months now and has watched three of her brothers have birthday parties in recent weeks, so while I wasn’t terribly excited about throwing yet another party, I couldn’t bear to let her down either.  So we invited some of her friends over yesterday for a Paw Patrol puppy party.  (Say that five times fast!)

After having so much time left over at E’s party, I scheduled this one for a short and sweet one hour.  It was perfect as half of the kids (the boys) didn’t want to play the games I had planned anyway.  They just wanted to play with our toys.  I should have just called it a playdate . . . with cake.  But the girls were game so we tried a few things with varying success.  Little A wanted to do “Pin the badge on Skye” but nobody wanted to be blindfolded, so they just pinned the badges on and even being able to look, only one person put the badge where it was supposed to go.  Duck, duck, goose was another hit, although when one kid got up to run, half the circle went with them.  But I think everyone had a good time.

And who knew you could find Paw Patrol cupcake liners.

Last night we also let her open her presents from us since Daddy had to work all day today.

More boxes, so exciting!

Half of her presents were leftovers from Christmas that didn’t make it here by Dec. 25.  That’s the upside to having a January birthday!  But she also got some books she requested, some needed long-sleeved shirts, and a daddy leopard since, “My baby leopard doesn’t have a daddy.  He needs a daddy!”

We repurposed the candles onto a cake so Daddy could sing to her too.

This afternoon she opened her last present from Nana which we saved so she’d have something to open on her actual birthday.  She also got more cupcakes in Primary and was sung to again.

We got a really good snowstorm yesterday so she and E went outside to have a snowball fight tonight after dinner.

Then they popped the popcorn one of her friends gave her and watched “Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration” while waiting for the big brothers to come home from their youth fireside.

She actually let me take her picture today, but insisted on being silly!  There’s so much personality in this little person.  We are so grateful she came to our family.  Happy 4th Birthday, Little A!

New Sunbeam!

January 17, 2018

Last Sunday was Little A’s first day of Sunbeams in Primary.  The week before, they took all the nursery children who were going into Primary into sharing time for the first time.  She sang the songs, raised her hand to answer questions, and found a match in the matching game, or basically, participated more than E ever has!  This girl is ready for Primary!

Just write something. Anything.

January 15, 2018

It’s been a couple months with nothing happening on the blog.  Plenty has happened in real life, but I just haven’t made it a priority to write it all down.  I can blame the fact that writing is still a tedious task for me.  I can blame my computer not wanting to communicate with the photos on my phone.  And ultimately I can probably blame the baby who has awakened me at least once between 2 and 5 a.m. every night for the last eight months.

I still can’t believe what a toll that has taken on me and my mental energy and ability to accomplish anything.  He’s leaning more toward 5 a.m. and even later now, but still, I am so sleep deprived with this child.  I can’t even fathom what a full eight hours of uninterrupted sleep would feel like.

Yesterday afternoon DH had to go back to work and more than anything else I just wanted to crawl in my bed and sleep.  For hours.  But I had a baby who was ready for dinner.  Then there was bathtime and bedtimes, and waiting for children who were at the stake dance to come home. And so it was many more hours before I could crawl into my own bed.  Sometimes this mothering thing is so very hard.

At least now I think I’ve figured out how to post pictures on the blog again without going through about a 9-step process.  What a rigmarole.  That has been the most frustrating problem to try to solve.  So will I try to get caught up on all the posts I’ve been composing in my head the past few months?  How about a new resolution half way into January?

Let’s remember how to blog.

I miss it.  Not necessarily the writing part (although it helps me sort out the thoughts in my head) but I miss having a record of what we’re doing and what I’m thinking.  And I love being able to look back on our lives and have stories to go along with the photos.

I’ve been microblogging on instagram this past year.   It’s so easy to share a photo straight from my phone, but typing anything long is such a pain.  I finally figured out how to add my instagram feed over there in the sidebar, but I actually prefer sitting at the computer and typing out much more detail.  I have a slew of “better late than never” posts that I intend to write (or finish writing) this week.  Wish me luck.

Travels in the Black Hills

November 5, 2017

After we met Nana in South Dakota and had dinner together, we drove to see Mount Rushmore all lit up at night.  A few other people had the same idea, but we almost had the place to ourselves.

C with the “sculpture of the sculptor,” Gutzon Borglum.


We went back the next morning to see it in the sunshine.  The weather was gorgeous and it wasn’t crowded at all.  I can’t imagine what it must be like in the summer months.

We bought S his very own National Park Passport and everybody got a stamp in theirs.

3 generations: It was interesting to walk through the museum and see some of the working models of the monument as well as pictures and news articles from its time of construction.

After Mount Rushmore, we drove through the Black Hills towards Deadwood with a picnic lunch stop at Roubaix Lake.

26-37886733186_fccccca3ee_oOh look, Little A was on this trip!27-37886730826_0e70f31a27_o

22-37939885381_985c7e2b12_oDad found out that the baby will eat your nose if you get too close.
24-37939870821_1e91d119ac_oOne of many shots of C and D trying to get a jumping picture.  How do people do that? (And why do people always do that?)25-37886735586_861ed0e1de_o

It was great to get out in the fresh air among the pine trees for a while.

Then we drove up through Deadwood, which is very similar to Park City (old mining town but with casinos), then wound our way back into Wyoming towards Devil’s Tower.  We never did get around to watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind with the boys before we went, but did after we got home.  I don’t think they were that impressed by the movie, but it was fun to see where we’d just been.

Here’s the first view of the monument from the road:

39-IMG_0534Getting closer:28-devils-tower_37230428794_oFrom the ranger station:29-devils-tower_37886623846_oC was the only one who wanted to do the Junior Ranger badge.  You can print out the booklets at home now to get started on and we should have done that because, due to his age, he had to do all twelve activities in the book . . . and it was 30 minutes away from closing time.  So we all sat around waiting for him to furiously finish up the activities.  But he was able to get his badge just in the nick of time.

Waiting . . .

C being sworn in as a Junior Ranger:

30-devils-tower_37230433954_oWe left Baby S with Nana while we set off to hike around the base of the monument.  They were doing a prescribed burn that day so the trail was only open to the half-way point.
31-devils-tower_37909193882_oOverlooking the valley south from the monument:32-devils-tower_37939796581_o33-devils-tower_37230436944_o40-IMG_0542

As we were leaving, there was a group of climbers preparing to ascend the monument and camp out on the very top for the night.  I can’t even imagine!

Then we made it to Gillette in time for a pizza dinner, spent the night in Casper, and drove all the way home without incident the next day.

Fall break 2017: Road trip!

October 29, 2017

We didn’t have plans for a big summer vacation this year due to having a newborn (not to mention lack of funds from maxing out our out-of-pocket paying for A’s back surgery.)  At least the big boys got to go to Aaronic Priesthood camp for a week in July and then youth conference with Liahona Academy a few weeks ago.  But I’ve been going a little stir crazy from not going anywhere.  I wanted to take some small road trips overnight this summer but they didn’t happen for one reason or another.

One of the place I’ve really been wanting to visit is Martin’s Cove in Wyoming.  We have ancestors who came across the plains with the Mormon pioneer handcart and wagon companies, though none in the Martin and Willie companies who encountered such hardships in their journey.  I thought Martin’s Cove was a lot closer to home, but realized it was a 5 ½ hour drive from us.  Then I realized Mt. Rushmore (where I’ve wanted to go for ages) was 5 ½ hours beyond that, and a plan was hatched!

Having boys at the high school for seminary and choir this year and being tied to the school schedule has really crimped our style.  I love travelling, but not with hordes of summer travellers.  We’ve loved the freedom homeschooling has given us to be able to take off any time we feel like and have had some wonderful vacations at odd times of the year when everyone else is in school.  The boys can miss a few days of school here and there, but we decided to schedule a road trip for fall break, and coincidentally my birthday weekend!

Wednesday before last, after the requisite Walmart trip in Park City (after leaving a lot later than intended for various reasons) we headed for Rawlins, Wyoming.  No one wanted to stop for dinner, they just wanted to get on the road, so we ate snacks in the car and finally stopped at Little America for dinner at 9:00, then on to Rawlins for the night.  Little A woke up in the hotel parking lot, started crying, and promptly threw up on the pavement (luckily not in the car!)

After a good breakfast (what we always look for when booking hotels) we drove up to Martin’s Cove.  There was a power outage when we got there so we went through half of the visitor’s center tour by flashlight.  Another family from Salt Lake joined us.  The missionary was surprised at the increase in visitors from Utah that week.  We said it must be because of fall break and others had our same idea.  After the tour and a short movie, the boys got to pull handcarts through gravel around a short trail.  A was happy to let his brothers have the experience.  He had enough of handcarts  going on Trek last summer.

You can see Devil’s Gate in the background.

  Baby S was an exceptionally good little traveller. 

After the visitor’s center we drove out toward Martin’s Cove.  The land here was later used for ranching and grazing, but never plowed up for crops, so the original trail from the Mormon and Oregon trail pioneers can still be seen.  When little legs are bigger we’ll have to come back to hike out to the actual cove where pioneers and rescuers alike took shelter.


We drove on to Casper and decided to have a picnic lunch next to the North Platte River after crossing it about six times.  After getting whacked by the doors of the suburban a few too many times from the wind as we tried to make sandwiches out of the back of the car, we opted to eat inside the car.14-37886712966_398169a968_o


I’m happy to report that E now wants to be in pictures . . . but his little sister doesn’t.  Here are the five boys by the North Platte,16-24088724638_616965a6d2_o

and one of the few good pictures I got of Little A that I had to take surreptitiously so she wouldn’t scream at me and hide her face.15-37886735266_836db81e2a_o

After our picnic lunch, we headed out across the “wilds of Wyoming” as the boys called it.  A was driving and chose the route that went across National Grasslands.  The boys were not impressed with the scenery, but now we know where to go to see the largest surface coal mine in North America.

Once we hit South Dakota, we drove through Jewel Cave National Monument which we had never heard of before.  We finally got some cell service again so we could look it up.  Apparently it’s the third largest mapped cave system in the world with something like 181 miles of cave.  Another “who knew?” moment.  The boys want to go back, but next time think we should fly to Rapid City and rent a car so we won’t have to drive across Wyoming again.

We met Nana for dinner who had driven from Ohio to meet up with us and follow us home.  Stay tuned for our South Dakota adventures.

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