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A math problem (and other thoughts)

June 19, 2017

Question: What time should we go to bed?  Factor in:

  1. the hours of sleep we need
  2. the amount of sleep deprivation we’re currently suffering from
  3. how many times in the night the baby will wake up
  4. how much time it will take to change, feed, burp, and possibly change him again
  5. the probability that he will go right back to sleep and not fuss and spit up everything he just ate during the next 90 minutes
  6. the time the alarm will go off signalling Daddy’s six weeks of paternity leave are over and he must go to work again…

Answer: about 5 hours before we actually did (and technically I’m not in bed yet, I’m typing this because I don’t have to go anywhere in the morning, and I needed to spend a few moments by myself, just to hear myself think, without a single child needing anything from me!)

Also factor in the fact that it’s June, and the sun never seems to set, and we have other children who think it can’t possibly be bedtime if it’s still light outside, whether Daddy needs sleep or not.

So DH goes back to work tomorrow and it’s definitely going to be an adjustment, although I’m incredibly grateful he’s had six weeks of paid leave this time around.  He’s only ever had two weeks off before and considering we spent the first nine days of S’s life driving back and forth to visit him in the hospital (blog post coming soon), I was really glad DH didn’t have to go back to work five short days after we were all finally home together.

Overall we’ve done ok, and I think this baby has been kinder to us during the nights than the last two were (as I remember it.)  He must know we’re old parents!  He’s actually slept almost 5 hours in one stretch several nights now.  DH has also been very kind to me.  He will take the first feeding of the night and give S a bottle so I can get a longer stretch of uninterrupted sleep.  Then he’s been able to sleep in if needed and I can get up and make it through the day (usually) without feeling utterly exhausted.

But DH has already had to be at his weekend job at 6 a.m. the past two days and I’ll admit, it’s been rough, especially after last night when he got a total of four hours of (interrupted) sleep.  His regular job is more flexible as to start times though, which I think will be a blessing this week, but we’ll have to see how it goes.  It’s a good thing babies are cute!  (DH says it’s a survival mechanism.)

I haven’t had S weighed in two weeks, but he feels like he’s getting heavier.  We’ve quit taking 101 pictures every day to compare, but I think his face is also filling out.

DH said the last six weeks have given him a taste of what retirement will be like.  Although when he can retire for good, who knows.  He can retire with a pension in 2 ½ years, but at that point we’ll have a 2-year-old, and probably the first of many missionaries out, so he’ll need another job, that’s for sure!  Actual retirement will be a long ways down the road!

Personally I hope retirement isn’t like the last 6 weeks.  We’ve had no routine at all other than feeding the baby approximately every three hours, night and day.  When not sleeping, DH has been trying to build garden boxes for me, fix the air conditioning in the suburban, and various other projects around the house and cars.  I think he was overly ambitious as to what could be accomplished in his time off, but we did finally get a garden planted and seeds are actually sprouting!  We only lost about a month of growing time, but we may reap a harvest yet!

The high priest’s group in our ward came over last Saturday and completely cleaned up the rest of our yard.  I don’t know if DH requested or suggested it as a project, or if our neighbors finally decided we needed help with our weeds, but it was incredible how much they accomplished in just 80 minutes–probably more than we could have done ourselves in a month!  Now we just have to maintain it, which is must less daunting than it was a week ago.

I was telling A how I used to spend just 10 minutes a day outside when he was little and C was a baby, trimming branches and pulling weeds.  Granted that yard was one third the size of this one, but with five of us working for 10 minutes a day, we could easily stay on top of it now if we’d just commit to it.

I also need to commit to spending just a few minutes a day on different projects inside the house as well.  With a new little one, I’ve realized again just how much time is eaten up sitting and nursing, and how much I don’t have a lot of long stretches of time to do the big projects in one go.  And the entire house needs to be decluttered.  Again.  But if I’d just commit to 15 minutes a day, it will add up in a hurry.  Several other projects could use just 15 minutes a day as well (like sharing those 101 pictures of the new baby!)  With DH back to work, I’m really hoping we can find some new routines that will get us through the summer in a good way.


A funny thing happened on the way to my due date

June 11, 2017

My due date which just happens to be today.  It’s June 10 and I should be 40 weeks along. Instead I have a 5-week-old baby!

Oh, hi there!


Instead of going to the grocery store, which was the only thing I had on my calendar on Monday, May 8, I found myself in labor at St. Mark’s Hospital.  I was staying true to form, I mean, I’ve only actually made it to 40 weeks pregnant once.  (With E, who still lives life adhering to his own very unique sense of timing.)  Now I can say my babies have come 1 week early, 2 weeks early, 7 weeks early!, 1 day late, 11 days early, and now 5 weeks early.

After D, I always check the 7-week-early mark on my calendar and whew, sigh of relief, we made it through that day without going into labor! 6 weeks early however, things . . . happened.

I don’t know if that’s exactly where this story begins, but it sure is a story!  So I’m telling it.

DH was in Las Vegas that weekend with C (in another, completely different, story) and I had my final symphony concert of the year.  I was slightly nervous about agreeing to play that one, because I had had a baby at that point once before.  But I really really wanted to play Shostakovich and Brahms and was feeling confident about it.

Usually DH drives me in to rehearsals and drops me off right at the door, but since he was out of town, I had to drive myself and walk.  I chose to park up the hill in the parking garage (annoyingly there is no parking close to Gardner Hall) so it would be a downhill walk to rehearsal and I could do the slow uphill climb and get all out of breath after the rehearsal was over instead of just in time for the downbeat if I had parked in my usual spot down the hill from the hall.

It had been rainy all afternoon and as I was walking down the hill, I stepped in a hole and fell flat on my face.  One minute I’m walking along, getting to know a violinist in my orchestra, and the next I’m falling and can’t do a thing about it.  I just kept falling.  The hole wasn’t that deep, but it was filled with really muddy rainwater and it didn’t even register in my brain that it was a hole. I’m sure it was quite the show for the two people walking behind me, who kindly helped me get up, and one even carried my cello all the way to the concert hall for me.

I skinned my knees pretty bad, wrenched my foot, cut my finger, and scraped my chin.  I’m sure it was only my belly that saved my nose and probably glasses.  But it was probably also my belly that helped me fall since my center of balance was more forward than usual.  My hands and arms weren’t hurt at all, save for a small cut, which was probably a miracle because I was perfectly able to play my cello for the next two hours and again the next night for the concert.  In fact by the next night, they were about the only part of my body that didn’t hurt!

I worried about the baby a bit, but he was kicking just like normal, and I wasn’t bleeding or leaking fluid or anything.  Everything sounded good at my doctor’s appointment on Monday, and I’d even gained enough weight!  That had been the worry of the previous two weeks when I’d been commanded to consume as many calories as possible and urge that baby to grow after having lost weight at the previous appointment.

The next week was busy with a family wedding, cello lessons, the normal homeschool routine, a bagpipe performance for C, and DH working Friday night, most of Saturday, and all of Sunday to make up for being gone the previous weekend.  I was still so sore from falling; it just hurt to move. Then on Wednesday I started losing mucus and started having more contractions.  Now I have Braxton-Hicks contractions from about 20 weeks on, but these felt different.  They felt . . . productive and they hurt!  There were actually a few that took my breath away and that’s when I started worrying that I’d end up in the hospital that night, but finally they calmed down and I was able to go to bed.

For the next four days my thoughts alternated between, “I just have to get through the weekend until DH is not at work,” and “Wait a minute, I’m still more than a month away from my due date!”  We made it through the weekend.  Just barely.  DH came home at 12:45 a.m. after being gone all day Sunday and we went to bed.  A short time later I woke up when I felt a little “pop!” and realized my water had just broken.  It was 2:19.  I felt really bad about waking up DH after so little sleep, but really, what were my options?! He woke up and sprang into action, getting dressed, and getting everything I needed. I hadn’t even packed a bag yet or anything.  We made it out to the car around 2:50 a.m. and I was really thankful that we weren’t doing this in the dead of winter like the previous two times.  It was really quite balmy outside.

We hadn’t wanted to wake up the boys before we left, but two blocks from home we wondered what would happen if Little A woke up and came looking for us and we weren’t there. So we called C and told him to come upstairs just in case.  He then got to tell the rest of his brothers that we were at the hospital when they woke up in the morning.  A was especially glad DH had been home to drive me in to the hospital as A had not been relishing having to do it himself just in case. (He’s a very good driver and does not like to speed at all.)  (May it ever be so.)

DH on the other hand did speed.  He was not relishing the idea of delivering a baby on the side of the road and one of our concerns with this baby was that we now lived a good 45-minute drive from St. Mark’s.

We made it in quite a bit less than 45 minutes.  Hmmm.

Contractions were strong, but manageable.  We got checked in and of course had to fill out paperwork.  I always think, “Really?  I’m sitting here still leaking amniotic fluid everywhere and you want me to fill out all this paperwork?”  Because I had fallen in the past three weeks, I got the lovely yellow bracelet to add to all the others.  Little A kept wanting to know what they all were.  I don’t even know what the green one was for.  I told her it was a barcode–maybe I was for sale.

We all seem to think I have super fast labors, and I do, when they actually get going.  But this was like it was with Little A (and Big A too, come to think of it).  Labor starts, or my water breaks, and we head to the hospital, and then . . . everything slows down and goes nowhere fast.  But because, “She has fast labors,” the doctor won’t let me leave.  So I labored and labored.  And labored, though it wasn’t bad at all.  And the nurse was really sad when her shift ended at 7 a.m. that she didn’t get to meet this cute baby.  I thought for sure he’d have gotten here by then too.  When my water broke with E, he practically slid out of me with no warning a mere two hours later.  But this day?  No such luck.

Contractions continued to get stronger, but not close together enough to progress much.  But with each strong contraction, baby’s heartrate was dipping way down which was troublesome.  He seemed to be in distress.  I was also having a bit of an emotional time realizing that this baby really wasn’t due yet and we were looking at another NICU baby, just like D.  We knew what that was like and really didn’t want to repeat that experience, but had no choice.  If the baby was distressed, then I wanted to get him into this world as quickly as possible before anything else could go wrong.

My doctor had clinic hours that morning, so at 8:30 or 9:00 he said he was heading over to his office across the street with strict instructions to page him back if anything changed.  We did at one point.  The nurse thought I was dilated to 9.5 already.  Dr. N came back over in about 2 minutes, but then we decided I was only dilated 7 or so.  It was a good trial run.

At 9:30 he came back over to check on me and convinced me to take a teeny bit of Pitocin, which I hadn’t really wanted.  But he’s firmly in the camp of “Why labor along slowly all day wearing yourself out?  Why not get it over with?”  And at that point I was ready to agree with him.  And it really was just a whiff of Pitocin when my body said, “Oh, we remember how to do this.”

The details are already a little hazy, but I still had a bit of hard laboring to do (the kind where you’re thinking, “Tell me again why I’m doing this without drugs?) and I was beginning to wonder if I would ever feel the need to push. But finally it was time and once again, it really only took two contractions to push this baby out, although it seemed harder than that, probably because my body wasn’t quite ready to give birth.  (I still think that’s why E was my easiest delivery: at 40 weeks, my body was completely ready to expel a child.)

At 10:34 a.m. I delivered a healthy, but tiny, baby boy.  It was such a feeling of relief.

Dr. N had guesstimated baby would weigh about 4 lbs. 12 oz., so we were pleased to see him weigh 5 lbs. 1 oz.  He was 18 inches long, which wasn’t really preemie size.  He just hadn’t had a chance to put on any fat.

I remember being so surprised at how many people were in the delivery room.  There was a whole NICU team for baby, and I think three nurses and my doctor working with me.

DH got to cut the cord.

The nurse asked DH if I wanted to hold Little S before they took him into the NICU.  He said, “Yes!” rather emphatically, for which I was so grateful.  One of the most traumatic things about D’s premature birth was not being able to hold him at all in the delivery room before they whisked him away.  I was so happy that this time, we got to spend 10 or 15 minutes getting to know our new little son.

Later I found out that there were concerns about his breathing at first.  It was too rapid and too shallow, but they stabilized that.  His blood sugar was also extremely low, so he got an IV inserted.  A blood test ruled out an infection, and everything else looked perfect.  He was a healthy baby, simply undercooked!
We telephoned all of our parents to give them the good, but surprising news, and it was a bit of a shock.  Mom and Dad came up later that afternoon and took turns going into the NICU to hold S.  After dinner DH brought all the big brothers and now big sister to the hospital.  A and C were able to go in the NICU and meet their new little brother for the first time.

Finally, I got to see him with his eyes open.

The NICU was surprisingly not very full and there was an open space near one of the windows, so S’s nurse helped C carry him over with his IV cart trailing so D, E, and Little A could all see him through the window.  Little A wanted to climb right through the window and hold him and mother him.  She has fallen in love with “NewBaby” as she calls him more often than not.  We’ve had our moments of not such bliss, but I’ll save those for another post, as this is already novel length.  

We’re all so in love with this new little sweet soul who has joined our family, and already can’t imagine life without him!

First day; Last day

June 2, 2017

August 2016June 2017

Our student body has grown a bit, and increased in number!

Easter pictures 2017

April 17, 2017

One picture, that’s all I ask!But no,

I even told him he could sit on the bottom step and pout like he has done other years, but he wanted nothing to do with the camera!

Little A looked cute in her new dress, which was a steal at $8 at Kid to Kid on Friday when I realized Easter was in two days and I had nothing in the way of a new dress for her.  Going shopping for little girl clothes lately reminds me why I said I needed to start sewing more.  But now is not the time to start sewing more.  No new projects in the next two months!

Incidentally she was done with pictures after this one.  She’s learning from her older brother.

C originally came upstairs wearing his black suit and black tie.  I told him he should really change at least the tie so he’d look a little more like spring and less like an undertaker.  He went one better and put on his new gray suit and a fine purple striped tie.

Here’s a better shot of the boys’ suits.  A is trying to look taller than C here.  This is from General Conference weekend when they were headed off to the priesthood session.

A and C both got new suits last month.  A needed a new suit for prom at Liahona.  He has a very nice gray suit from last year, but his back surgery helped him grow just enough that he outgrew the jacket.  Granted, it was the “Super Slim” fit.  We went with slim fit this time around to give him a little more room.

I remembered from last year that the sales at J. C. Penney’s right before Easter were a fabulous time to go suit shopping.  Sure enough, they had many suits at half-price.  A picked out a nice blue one this year and when I went to pay for it, the clerk said it was even better because those particular suits had just gone on clearance, plus he gave me a coupon discount.  All things considered, A’s suit was $88 and change.  I saved $197!

It was such a good deal that DH said we should go back and get one for C as well.  They went together to a different Penney’s and bought the same suit in gray, but didn’t get quite such a good deal.  I don’t know why; maybe I got the pregnant lady discount!  But still, $117 for that suit is not a bad deal!

I remembered A’s old suit that was a size 14 that a friend had given us some years ago.  The last time I tried the pants on D, they were way too long, but he’s been eating like crazy lately (I think he’s finally having a growth spurt!) so I had him go try on the old suit.  It barely fits.  Hopefully he can get a few months’ wear out of the pants rather than a few weeks’!  His size 14 pants from Christmas are still too long, so at least he’ll have something to grow into.

For now, all three boys are looking very handsome at church these days!

And E . . . well, what can I say!  He has decided he likes wearing ties again and at least begins church with his shirt tucked in!

Life lately

April 12, 2017

I read a blog post last week that perfectly describes my life lately:

When you decide to homeschool, you’re making a super huge commitment. And this commitment? It’s going to take a lot out of you. Sometimes, it’s going to take more than you have to give. By Friday, you might be running on fumes, and on Monday, you’ve got to get up and start it all over again. Now, I love homeschooling. Don’t get me wrong.

But it isn’t easy.

Forget Friday, I think I was running on fumes by Tuesday last week.  I can’t blame it all on homeschooling, though.

The dog got sick, then the toddler got sick (I’m pretty sure not from the same thing), but when the mom is 7 months pregnant (yesterday!) the last thing she wants to deal with is dog diarrhea in the house and toddler throw up.  I’m so so thankful that was the one night last week Little A didn’t climb in bed with us.  That would have sent me over the edge! Dealing with her bedding later on was enough; I can’t even imagine having to clean mine as well in the middle of the night.

Thankfully, DH was the one who got up with her three times during that night, even after being up super early the day before to get A to his seminary morningside on time (actually early because A’s the designated organist) and knowing he had to get up early Thursday to drive the boys to Liahona Academy.

My cello students were on spring break last week, so I didn’t have to drive down for lessons.  A and C had been wanting to attend the entire day at Liahona instead of just the one class period that they go to a couple times per month, so it was a good day to do that.  DH drove them down to Pleasant Grove before work and then we went back to pick them up in the afternoon.  A is still working on his 40 hours of driving for his license so it was also a good opportunity to let him drive home.  I had to struggle to stay awake though to keep an eye on him.

By the time we got home, it was almost time to start dinner.  My day off from teaching wasn’t really a day off from anything else.  Friday was more of the same, even though the boys had just a couple things to do for school.  Algebra with C took several hours of my time that I hadn’t anticipated spending with him.  It was just a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day for math, as many of them are turning out to be lately.  I don’t think it’s spring fever as much as it is the fact that C is just wired so completely differently when it comes to math.  But I don’t believe in getting bad grades in math at any level.  It is just something that has to be mastered.  Algebra is going to be a real challenge for this kid though.

Speaking of challenges, I don’t even know why I was checking out all the swimming pool websites in the county a week or two back, but I was and I found one single opening for level one swimming lessons and I signed E up.  It sounded like a good idea, but we’ve been driving to Tooele for 10 a.m. lessons all last week and this week.  10 a.m. is normally a great time to have anything out of the house.  Anything earlier is always a challenge to get to, but this is just smack in the middle of our homeschool morning.

I know two of the other kids in the class are from homeschooling families.  One mom brings two siblings to the pool with her every day with their homeschool books.  I just can’t see that happening with us.  All we would be doing would be trying to keep Little A out of the  pool herself.  She loves the water.  E, on the other hand, views swimming lessons as some sort of water torture.  We’ve had three good days out of six so far.  You can only get so far in swimming when you’re terrified of getting your head wet.  I think this is the third time for him in level one lessons.  I don’t know what our next step is.  DH is adamant that he learns how to swim, but E is doing his best to resist.

So we’ll endure for two more days, then the next session is already filled up.  That’s probably a good thing as the drive into Tooele is already getting old and sitting on those bleacher benches for 45 minutes is killing my body!  And even though the boys have good intentions of working while I’m gone, they never seem to accomplish what I feel they’re capable of so the time we’re gone seems to get added to the end of our school day every day.  Add to that A’s extra driving, and I feel like I’ve hardly had any extra time to just . . . be, in the last few weeks.

I seem to remember I feel this way every April.  I’m just tired of all the going to and fro by this point in the school year.  We have one month of Kindermusik class in Salt Lake left, and I’m preparing for my final orchestra concert of the year in 2 ½ weeks, which rehearsals are also in Salt Lake.  But now that I’m past 30 weeks, I have doctor’s appointments every two weeks now (soon to be weekly) and I’m sure partly why I’m feeling so worn is just the fact that I’m seven months pregnant and not functioning at 100%!

I seem to have popped a bit more since last week!  And I’ve run into one of my pet peeve comments lately: You’re so tiny! You don’t even look that far along!

I suppose I should just take that as a compliment, but I always want to point out the fact that even though yes, I am still skinny and don’t appear hugely pregnant, I still have another human being growing inside of me and squishing all of my other internal organs in some form or fashion, thank you very much!

I think the pregnancy emotions have been especially pronounced lately!  I’m trying very hard to keep them in check, and not say things I’ll regret later!

And with that, I should probably go to bed.

I feel this post could use a happy picture or two, except that I’ve hardly taken a single photo this month. . . and now my computer hates me (figures!) and won’t upload anything tonight, so I’ll try again another day.

Big Plans for Spring Break

March 27, 2017

I have big plans for spring break.

Scratch that.

had big plans for spring break.  Spring break is over!  How can this be?  I’ve only been trying to write this blog post for two weeks…

DH warned me that I wouldn’t get much of a break anyway; after all, I still had to be the mom to five children, and of course keep up on everything that entails.  But still, I had high hopes.

I was so happy to see that I had scheduled not one, but two weeks off, with my symphony concert right in the middle. Apparently I’ve learned from previous years that a week off in the midst of concert prep is a grand idea, and then I still need another week off to recover.  I thought I could get my practicing out of the way every morning, leaving the rest of the day free for whatever, but alas, I was still practicing at 9:00 every night that week.  It beats 11 p.m., but still.

I didn’t count on flirting with a head cold all week.  Luckily it was never quite full-blown, but just enough to wear me down.  If moms should not be able to get sick, then for sure pregnant moms should never ever get sick.

Then I had to go into Salt Lake every day that week at least once!  Monday was a fluke.  I’d gone to the doctor the Friday before and before I could be seen, he had to leave to go deliver a baby.  The nurse asked if I’d like to see the midwife in the office.  I said that would be fine.  Three minutes later she came back saying apologetically, “She just had to go deliver a baby, too!”

It wasn’t a big deal to me as my appointments are only about six minutes long anyway at this point.  We measure me, listen to the heartbeat, and the doctor asks if we have any questions.  Nope, no questions this week.  It’s not like we haven’t done this five times already!

So we made our next appointment for three weeks out, but when we got home the doctor’s office called and said he didn’t want to wait three weeks to see me and could I come back on Monday at 2:00.  Sure.  What’s another 40-minute drive into St. Mark’s?  This appointment took a whole 9 minutes.  My doctor is keeping a good eye on me since I’ve had one preemie and we don’t care to repeat that experience!  I’ve gained my requisite pound per week, but I am measuring one week behind at this point, and there’s always my “advanced maternal age!”  So at least I know he’s looking out for me.  And DH and I ran a bunch of errands since we were in Salt Lake again.  So there went that afternoon.

That first week of spring break for homeschool was not spring break for anybody else.  A had Stansbury High classes two days and Liahona classes online four days.  They were both off the second week of our break, but then I still had to take E to Kindermusik classes both weeks because they’re not on spring break until next week, and I still had to teach all my cello students because their spring break isn’t until April!


Originally DH was going to take some days off this week so I could not have to be the parent and spend some quality alone time, but somehow those plans went awry, at least until Wednesday afternoon when he finally got into the doctor for a sinus infection he’s had since about January and was sent home with antibiotics and told to take the next two days off.

Thursday, of course, was my cello day, so having him stay at home really didn’t help me out.  But then E and Little A decided spending a day with Daddy beat out on driving to Grandma and Poppa’s house so they, and the dog, stayed home.  I’m not sure Daddy got much rest, but it actually was a bit of a break for me not to have to worry about them.  And I got to go to the temple with the boys and Grandma and Poppa since I didn’t have little ones to look after.

Today in church the boys got to hear about all their friends’ trips to St. George, and Moab, and Idaho.  Maybe one year we’ll get it together enough, or schedules will align enough, to allow us to actually go on a trip of our own.  Although right now we’ve got A’s hospital bills we’re trying to pay down anyway.  But maybe some year!

A road trip also didn’t sound appealing for this pregnant body at this point in time, but even so I have spent a ridiculous amount of time in the car lately–for my own commitments, and trying to get in those 40 hours of driving time with my teenager!  Which hasn’t been good for my stress level, I might add.  We’ve ventured into Salt Lake City, on the freeway, on lots of backroads, and in the pouring rain. That was an experience: pouring rain while on the freeway and encountering two major slowdowns for wrecks along the way.  But we’re all still alive and unscathed!  Let’s hope it continues.

As it was, they got quite a bit of free time and probably too many electronics this week and I don’t think any of us are really ready to get back to school.  But I was able to carve out enough time with my own thoughts and computer to get our last quarter of school a little more organized.  Our first quarter went great and then the next four months kind of went by in a blur (thank you, morning sickness) and we kind of muddled along, and here it is almost April and we’re counting down the last ten weeks.  And if this baby comes early (which is highly possible) there are still certain things that need to be finished for the older three before they’re free for the summer.  It’s now on paper and we’re committed to it.

Somewhere along the way with my organizing, I got a little distracted–you know how it is, you start researching something and that leads to something else and then you find a great blog on homeschooling high school which leads to more ideas, and pretty soon you have 26 tabs open on your computer and overflowing ideas on your child’s senior year (which is not next year!)

What I should have been doing more of is getting caught up on blog posts.   Like I said, I had big plans. . . most of which did not happen.  I prioritized school planning and mostly got that accomplished.  I didn’t do much else for myself, but our symphony concert went well. My practicing paid off.  Our conductor said De Falla’s Three Cornered Hat Suite was as challenging as Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring last spring, just in different ways, but I remember the stress of that concert, and this year was much better.

So we’ll be back at it in the morning.  Some routine back in our days will be nice for a change.

Photo from our temple trip on Thursday.

10 years ago…

February 28, 2017

I began blogging!

I missed the actual date (I knew there was a reason I was supposed to open up wordpress yesterday!) but that seems to be typical of my life.

It’s just hard to take the time to put my thoughts into words lately.  I’ve noticed a lot of other blogs I used to read have either stopped altogether, or posts are few and far between, so I don’t think it’s just my problem.  It’s sometimes so much quicker and easier to post a few short words on facebook, or a photo on instagram (although I hardly do either of those very often) plus my children are getting older.  We don’t seem to do a lot of cutesy projects that I feel compelled to photograph and blog about anymore, and I don’t want to overshare my teenagers’ lives.  There’s an element of privacy that I’d like to maintain as they get older and have their own stories to tell.

Plus as they get older, they get busier! and I struggle just to keep up with all their comings and goings.  There’s not a lot of free time in my life right now!

But here’s one of the very first pictures I shared on the blog.  It could almost be a picture of E and Little A.  They are so little!


And today, I kid you not, I was online researching pre-calculus options for the child on the left who only has two years of high school left!  Where has the time gone?!

In honor of ten years of blogging, here are ten quick updates on us (that we’ll use to catch up on the month of February in blogging, ok?):

  1. I was reading through some of my very first posts.  Apparently we had mice.  Guess what?  We have mice again, in this house today.  My traps are not working.  It’s time for plan B.  Whatever that is.
  2. A is finally serious about getting his driver’s license.  36 more hours of parent/child driving practice to go.  Thank goodness for all the country roads in this county.  Some day we’ll be ready to join traffic out on the highway.  Not the freeway, but maybe the highway.  I can only say I am so glad we’re not doing this in downtown Salt Lake City.
  3. Speaking of SLC, I’m back at orchestra rehearsal.  Our conductor keeps our rehearsals to 2.5 hours rather than three, but my back is still killing me by the end of it.  I hope I make it through our March concert, and I may rethink my plans to play in April, although I really really want to play Brahms.
  4. Last Saturday we had the opportunity to hear Gail Halvorsen, “The Candy Bomber,” speak at the Riverton family history center.  He’s one of our heroes, and he’s 96, so who knows if that was our one and only chance to hear him.  C brought his copy of the Candy Bomber book so he could get an autograph.  1-32348782243_877059d720_o1-33036342381_f69e99cd7f_o
  5. C also got the kilt to wear with the bagpipe band he is practicing with.  Words cannot express his excitement!  Performances are coming up beginning in May.
  6. The baby is kicking me quite a bit stronger now.  Little A actually got to feel him when she put her hands on my stomach this morning.  Then she put my hand on her tummy, so I could feel the baby inside of her!
  7. I really wanted to put a garden in this spring, but at the prime planting time, I’ll be 8 months pregnant and I’m just not sure how that’s going to work out!  But that will be just about when A is finished with his “no bending, lifting, or twisting” restrictions from back surgery, so maybe I can put all the boys to work for me.  Of course A’s lost a lot of muscle tone plus weight, which he can’t really afford to lose.  Walking home a half mile from a high school activity Saturday night so exhausted him.  He’s counting down the days until he can really start exercising again.
  8. I had planned to put hearts all over the kids’ doors for Valentine’s Day, but after cutting out five, I was tired of the idea, so I wrote much smaller and gave them all a short note with reasons I love them and left chocolates outside their bedroom doors for a surprise when they woke up.  They were surprised, and I was surprised I remembered in time.  In time being 11 p.m. on February 13.
  9. Valentine’s Day usually goes right by me as DH’s birthday is the 15th and we generally celebrate all things that day instead.  So he was extra surprised to get a heart letter from me on Valentine’s as well.
  10. Speaking of birthdays, DH turned 50!  Or as we calculated it, “You’ll be 68 when this next child leaves for college!”  (More on this in a separate blog post.)

Thanks for reading and commenting all these many years; here’s to ten more!

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